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Our Solutions


Explore our range of custom oil and dry type transformers that facilitate high, medium and low voltage power transmission.

High-level power transmission

At Ampcontrol, we take a solutions-based approach to our transformers. Utilising our engineering smarts and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we create custom oil and dry type transformers that can facilitate high, medium and low voltage power supplies for electrical distribution substations, power generation, voltage regulation, mining, traction and refining applications as well as retrofits and OEM replacement. 

Our distribution transformers can be integrated with our fixed modular, relocatable and transportable substations, switchrooms and switchyards, and third-party products, to establish complete and comprehensive systems that meet complex energy needs.  

We’re also highly proficient in the custom design and insulation of transformers using an alternative cooling system, including dielectric ester fluids for a high kVa rating.

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Ester Fluid Transformers

Ampcontrol also offers ester fluid options for particular transformers to enhance performance and life expectancy.

Formulated from edible seed oils and food-grade additives, ester dialectic fluid is bio-based, sustainable, renewable, and recyclable and can support longevity within the operational life of transformers.  

Our ester fluid transformers are ideal for environmentally sensitive locations, with the fluids quickly and thoroughly biodegrading in the event of an oil release.  

Ester dielectric fluid is entirely compatible with standard transformer insulating materials components and with fluid processing equipment and procedures, and has a high flash point of 330°C, providing a high level of fire safety.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Biodegradable 
  • High flash point of 330°C  
  • Enhanced insulation performance and life expectancy  
  • Aging resistivity 
  • Available in transformers up to 132kV 
  • Offering natural and synthetic oils  
  • Reduced environmental footprint.
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Our product and service selection

Take a closer look at the advanced offerings underpinning our energy solutions.

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Underground Transformers
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Our transformers are manufactured and overhauled within our ISO9001-accredited Australian facilities in New South Wales and Queensland, focusing on providing maximum reliability and market-leading durability for our customers. Our NSW facilities can handle the production and overhaul of transformers up to 50MVA, 132kV, with weights of up to 80 tonnes.

All transformers in our extra high voltage transformer test bay undergo exhaustive testing to meet IEC standards. Our operation facilities are fully equipped with various types of testing equipment, including DFF, SFRA, PD, noise level, temperature rise, harmonic testing, and a 1000kV/75kJ impulse generator. 

Our testing phase ensures that the highest quality and performance standards are always generated. 

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We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

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