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View our dedicated overhaul services, from pre-overhaul inspections to switchboard repairs, that extend the life of our customers’ electrical assets.

Certified AS/NZS 3800

Ampcontrol has certified AS/NZS 3800 workshops in NSW and QLD, purpose-built for the repair, overhaul and modification of flameproof equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Our team of engineers can provide SIL verification for flameproof enclosures.

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Our Range of

Overhaul Services

Pre-Overhaul Inspections

In preparation for your AS/NZS 3800 overhaul, our onsite service teams can conduct pre-overhaul inspections 12 months before your flameproof enclosures are due for overhaul, and repeat the process when overhaul is due.  

The results of these two audits are compared to understand the level of deterioration of the explosion protection properties of the enclosure. This can be used as a guide to determine the continued operation of the Exd enclosure as per AS/NZS 2290.1 or if an overhaul is required. 

Other Overhauls

In addition to flameproof overhauls, we can also overhaul, upgrade and repair a range of electrical equipment, including transformers, substations, starters, DCBs, circuit breakers switches and isolators, switchboards, electronic equipment and cables. 


We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

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