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Our Solutions

Renewables and Net Zero Innovations

We’re driving the push towards decarbonisation through our suite of sustainable offerings, including electric vehicles, battery energy storage solutions, decentralised water infrastructure and stand alone power systems.

Helping our customers decarbonise

At Ampcontrol, we’re disrupting the future of energy. Through our innovation partnerships, smart people, and advanced Australian manufacturing, we’ve developed complex energy solutions that will help make global net zero a reality.  

We’re supporting our customers in their decarbonisation efforts, utilising electrification solutions and renewable technologies to facilitate their energy needs. We’ve devised a suite of sustainable offerings, such as electric vehicles (EV), battery energy storage solutions, decentralised water infrastructure, and stand alone power systems, that can help minimise carbon emissions across all sectors.  

Through collaboration and cutting-edge technology, we’re able to develop custom solutions for our customers that challenge the future, ultimately driving the global effort for achieving net zero emissions.

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Our catalogue of complex solutions and services

Explore our advanced offering of customisable products, equipment and technologies.

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Our collection of innovative electric vehicle (EV) packages and hybrid diesel-electric marine vessels allow us to advance the energy sector through e-mobility.

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Hydrogen Fuel Solution

See how we’ve used innovation and collaboration to create an advanced energy storage solution that utilises hydrogen fuel cells.

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Stand Alone Power Systems & Microgrids

Our stand alone power systems and microgrids leverage sustainable technologies, providing reliable energy to remote communities.

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Remote Area Water

View our decentralised water infrastructure solution, Gilghi, that provides potable water to remote communities.

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