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Where we work

Making a global impact

We’re revolutionising industry and influencing decarbonisation efforts worldwide.

Our locations

As leaders in energy and innovation, we’re pleased to have such a strong presence both on our own Australian soil and across the globe.


We offer high voltage services and engineering support in our Southeast Asian operations, utilising solutions such as substations, monitoring and control systems, tagging and tracking software and lighting.


At our home base, we transform the world through collaboration to engineer complex energy solutions. From ideation through to design, manufacturing, service and repair, we provide complete electrical solutions for energy, infrastructure and resources industries.


While we are building strength at home, our vision is global. We want to solve the most complex problems in energy worldwide and lead industry in the push for electrification and decarbonisation.  

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We look toward the future, taking a no-limits approach to creating renewable energy solutions that inspire global change. We help our customers adopt more sustainable options that will shape both industry and culture.

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On the path to revolutionising industry, we uphold the quality and consistency that underpin Ampcontrol. We utilise highly specialised electrical engineers, advanced products and comprehensive systems to transform our resources industries.

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At Ampcontrol, we believe challenge fuels innovation. We take complex tunnelling and infrastructure needs and evolve them into complete, integrated energy solutions constructed with thought-leading design and quality manufacturing.

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Our industries

At Ampcontrol, we have a diverse portfolio of solutions and services that can be applied to limitless industries. We develop complex solutions of scale for our energy, infrastructure and resources customers, but we’re also proud to innovate and collaborate across a wide range of fields.  

Through our strong collaborations, we’ve been able to apply our expertise and resources to develop space equipment, medical technologies, services for commercial maritime and naval defence industries, and much more. 

If you would like to explore how Ampcontrol can provide comprehensive energy solutions to your industry, get in touch with us below.

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