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Our Solutions

Protection Solutions

View our vast selection of advanced electrical protection relays, gas detection solutions and leading Bender devices that ensure safety across a range of sites and environments.

Ensuring reliability and safety

Our advanced energy solutions are underpinned with the latest protection technologies, promoting optimal safety across a variety of applications.  

We’ve manufactured a range of electrical protection relays that cover earth leakage, earth continuity, earth fault lockout and frozen contactor, delivering on safety and compliance for our customers while minimising downtime. Our vast selection of gas detection solutions also provides timely alerts for harmful gases and leaks, as well as oxygen depletion. 

As the exclusive Australian distributor for leading electrical safety company, Bender, we’ve been able to expand our protection solution offering, allowing our customers to access an elite suite of highly sensitive insulation monitoring devices and on-line earth fault location systems designed to detect and locate developing earth faults on essential electrical systems and equipment. 

We value the safety of our customers, delivering reliable protection solutions that ensure they arrive home safe and well every day. 

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Our catalogue of complex solutions and services

Explore our advanced offering of customisable products, equipment and technologies.

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Electrical Protection Relays

Explore our vast selection of advanced electrical protection relays, DCBs and services that promote safety in underground mining.

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Bender Solutions

Bender specialises in the design and manufacture of highly sensitive insulation monitoring devices and on-line earth fault location systems and is recognised across a wide range of industries.

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Gas Detection

View our range of gas detectors and monitoring devices that ensure a high level of safety across any underground or industrial environment.

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