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Electric Vehicle Packages

Leading industry in electrification with world-first innovation

Advanced Battery Technology

With a growing and immediate industry demand for low emissions technology, we sought to design a solution to eliminate diesel emissions in underground applications, supporting fewer ventilation requirements and reducing noise.  

DRIFTEX, is the world’s first IECEx Group I certified electric vehicle, using an Intrinsically Safe traction battery.

While not needing proprietary charge equipment, we have collaborated with Tritium and Danfoss to deliver customers both surface and underground charging solutions.

We are all about helping you achieve your decarbonisation and electrification goals; with our battery-electric vehicle package, you're site can move forward in alignment with net zero milestones, improving social licence and improving site health conditions with the removal of diesel particulates.

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IS Battery Technology for Mine Sites


Through radical thinking and collaboration, we’ve developed the world’s first IECEx Group 1 certified electric vehicle, using an Intrinsically Safe traction battery. 

Built from a solid, trusted foundation, DRIFTEX our retrofit package re-uses existing assets and offers several benefits over maintaining existing or purchasing new diesel-powered vehicles. 

  • Ex ia methane monitor shutdown system 
  • Extensive system monitoring 
  • Data logging 
  • Optional IS WiFi connectivity 
  • Elimination of diesel particulates 
  • Lower sound levels dB 
  • Battery tested to IEC62133-2 for “no fire” and “no explosion” 
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Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging Solutions

Manufactured by Ampcontrol, incorporating world-class Tritium and Danfoss technologies. We offer both surface and underground electric vehicle charging solutions.

Our fixed and relocatable charging solutions offer standard industry charging communication protocol ensuring they’re capable of charging your entire electric vehicle fleet. 

  • DRIFTEX flat to full charge in 10 minutes
  • 75kW through to multi-megawatt, supplied from 415V AC through to customer-specific high voltage options.
  • Standard industry charging protocol
  • Built for any environment, thriving in temperatures from -35°C to +50°C 
  • CCS2, MCS and mining bespoke connection solutions

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Our Service Offering

With an innovative spirit, industry-leading skills and a solutions-led approach, our services work toward sustainable, future-focused outcomes.