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Renewables and Net Zero Innovations

Battery Energy Storage Systems

View our advanced battery energy storage system solution that utilises solar technologies to optimise, store and discharge energy for off-grid applications.

Off-grid power storage resources

We’re well-versed in meeting the complex electrical needs of remote communities, offering sustainable Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) that can competently optimise energy usage, and store and discharge power for a variety of applications.  

Integrating advanced technologies such as inverters, control components, sensors and multiple battery modules, each battery energy storage system ensures consistent distribution of stored energy both day and night.  

These systems address a number of energy consumption problems, from peak shaving through to resourcing for microgrids. They also operate as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), providing emergency power when experiencing critical energy issues from the grid.  

Our BESS move away from the traditional ‘pole and wire’ distribution network, offering more reliable and consistent power sources that are backed with sustainable solar technologies. 

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We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

What applications are BESS not suitable for?
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