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Power Infrastructure


Our switchrooms provide advanced electrical circuit protection and control across energy, infrastructure and resource operations.

Quality circuit control

Through engineering-led design and advanced manufacturing, testing and commissioning services, we develop custom modular switchrooms to meet complex industrial needs.  

Our switchrooms deliver advanced electrical circuit protection and control across a variety of applications, from mining and infrastructure projects through to processing operations. To ensure an optimal level of safety and compliance, each switchroom also includes an innovative arc fault vent design that eliminates fire risks during operation.  

Featuring up to a 100-year design life, our switchrooms are customised to suit our customers’ needs and are fabricated in our workshops to drastically reduce onsite installation and commissioning time over traditional brick and mortar solutions. 

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Electrical Equipment Room

Electrical Equipment Rooms (EER) are similar in application to switchrooms but have a few design differences and are predominately found within infrastructure applications.

While both EERs and switchrooms are used in the management of critical electrical systems, EERs can include a larger range of electrical systems, such as backup generators or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units. This allows for greater customisation of EERs and makes them more suitable for applications such as tunnelling, telecommunication, and data centre management, where minimal power interruption is paramount.

Ampcontrol achieved an Australian first when it provided offsite manufactured custom EERs installed directly into Sydney’s WestConnex infrastructure project. 



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