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Transformer Maintenance

Take a look at our comprehensive maintenance services dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance of a wide range of transformers.

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Transformer Training Course

Ampcontrol is collaborating with SDMyers to deliver a face-to-face four-day training course covering transformer management and two specialist courses. 

SDMyers training is an ideal professional development opportunity for the resources, infrastructure and energy sectors.

Transformer Management 1 – Registrations Open
Delivered in Brisbane CBD from 19 to 22 February 2024.

The four-day event includes:

  • Transformer Management 1 held over 3 days
  • Condition Monitoring & Advanced Electrical Testing held on 1 day
  • Tea and coffee on arrival daily
  • Morning tea and lunch served daily
  • An Ampcontrol hosted night out in Brisbane

Your attendance at this training course may be claimable towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Check with your authorising body for full details.

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Our Range of

Transformer Maintenance Services

Field Services

We provide a comprehensive range of onsite services, ensuring operational availability and compliant management of transformers of all sizes across Australia. Our site-based refurbishments include: 

  • Winding dry outs 

  • Winding set clamp re-tensioning 

  • Paper samples 

  • Comprehensive internal inspections and engineering assessments 

  • Re-gasketing and general refurbishment 

  • Bushing retrofits 

  • Oil treatment and replacement 

  • Design modifications 

  • Painting 

  • Protection system upgrades and calibration 

  • Maintenance and management planning 

  • Fault repairs 

  • OLTC maintenance and refurbishments. 

Electrical Testing

We provide onsite services for electrical testing of transformers which are supported by comprehensive workshop facilities and experienced design engineers. Our complete range of transformer testing includes: 

  • Ratio 

  • Phase error 

  • Power factor 

  • Winding resistance 

  • Insulation resistance 

  • Dirana 

  • Dielectric loss angle (tan Delta) 

  • Polarisation index 

  • Magnetising curve 

  • Burden 

  • Sweep frequency response analysis 

  • Excitation current 

  • Leakage, resistance, and impedance 

  • Sensor testing and calibration. 

Onsite High Voltage Transformer Testing

We maintain a comprehensive mobile high voltage (HV) test capability (single phase) including 36kV AC, 200kV AC and 720kV AV (resonate) mounted on dedicated heavy vehicles. This capability is extended by several uncommitted HV sources that can be transported to site as required, ranging from 22kV AC – 100kV AC as well as 52kV AC p-p, 3ph switchboard test set. 

Remote Transformer Condition Auditing and Diagnostic Support

Our engineering, testing and monitoring team is experienced in failure investigation on all types of high voltage (HV) plants. We help our customers identify the cause of their equipment failure and liaise with OEMs for rectification works or warranties.  

Our experts consolidate data generated by your transformers into an assessment describing the transformer condition, including failure risk. Our skilled people not only diagnose issues but work with you to put a repair plan in place. 

This remote condition monitoring service will provide the information required for you to understand the health of your transformers and to prioritise corrective measures to extend asset life, prevent failures and ensure safe operation of assets. 

Overhauls, Upgrades and Rewinds

Our purpose-built transformer facilities and our skilled technicians can overhaul and upgrade your transformer to complement site works. We have the capacity to overhaul transformers up to 50MVA, 132kV and weighing up to 80 tonnes. Our services include: 

  • Transformer upgrades 

  • Replacement of gaskets and service bushings 

  • Winding repairs and replacement 

  • Controlled oven drying of windings 

  • Tank repairs and modifications, repainting, vacuum, and pressure testing 

  • Fitting of additional protection devices and cable boxes 

  • Tap changer service or replacement 

  • Oil leak repairs 

  • Full testing to Australian standards.


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