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Our Solutions

Power Infrastructure

We supply high-fidelity power infrastructure for load centres through our comprehensive energy solutions and electrical services.

Establishing reliable connections

Through our advanced Australian manufacturing and engineering smarts, we create award-winning energy solutions that facilitate complex electrical needs for power infrastructure.  

We’re well-versed in designing, manufacturing and commissioning complete electrical systems, supplying high-fidelity power infrastructure for load centres. We have a variable suite of substations, transformers, switchgear and starters, as well as renewable power solutions that operate on the latest solar and wind technologies and can competently facilitate energy requirements. 

Our extensive high voltage electrical services also cover everything from transformer servicing, testing and commissioning to complete overhauls, promoting optimal safety compliance and operation of your electrical system.

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Our catalogue of complex solutions and services

Explore our advanced offering of customisable products, equipment and technologies.

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Our switchrooms provide advanced electrical circuit protection and control across energy, infrastructure and resource operations.

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Explore our range of custom oil and dry type transformers that facilitate high, medium and low voltage power transmission.

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View our tailored range of electrical substations that distribute power in line with customers’ voltage requirements and site needs.

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Discover our reliable switchyards that competently aid voltage conversion and distribution, providing optimal power for customers.

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Data Centre Power Infrastructure

From substations through to power transformers, we apply our trusted electrical equipment to facilitate fault-free power supplies for data centre applications.

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DCBs and Load Centres

Take a look at our range of Distribution Control Boards (DCBs) that support voltage isolation, protection and transformation in mining applications.

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See our advanced starters that offer high-calibre equipment control and protection across hard rocking mining applications.

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Stand Alone Power Systems & Microgrids

Our stand alone power systems and microgrids leverage sustainable technologies, providing reliable energy to remote communities.

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