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Our Solutions


Explore our range of custom oil and dry type transformers that facilitate high, medium and low voltage power transmission.

High-level power transmission

At Ampcontrol, we take a solutions-based approach to our transformers. Utilising our engineering smarts and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we create custom oil and dry type transformers that can facilitate high, medium and low voltage power supplies for electrical distribution substations, power generation, voltage regulation, mining, traction and refining applications as well as retrofits and OEM replacement. 

Our transformers can be integrated with our fixed modular, relocatable and transportable substations, switchrooms and switchyards, as well as third-party products, to establish complete and comprehensive systems that meet complex energy needs.  

We’re also highly proficient in the custom design and manufacture of transformers using alternative cooling fluids, including ester dielectric, for service levels up to 132kV. 

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Our product and service selection

Take a closer look at the advanced offerings underpinning our energy solutions.

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Surface Transformers
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Auto Transformers

We develop smaller and lighter auto transformer units that contain an electrically connected primary and secondary circuit.

Underground Transformers
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