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High Voltage Testing

We support the safety of our customers’ high voltage electrical assets, offering a selection of services from compliance audits and safety management plans through to high voltage testing.

Safety-first in high voltage infrastructure

Our skilled team of high voltage service technicians and electrical engineers are available 24/7 to provide support, ensuring your high voltage electrical systems are both compliant and run at optimum levels.  

High Voltage Site Services

High Voltage Installation, Maintenance, repairs and upgrades

Our on-site teams are supported by our experienced electrical engineers, who have the expertise to ensure safe and on-time completion of your high voltage infrastructure maintenance and project activities. We are an Accredited Service Provider, level 1 and 3 (ASP1 and ASP3), enabling us to lend our engineering expertise to construct and design network assets. Our services include: 

  • Complete switchyard maintenance up to 132kV 
  • Circuit breakers, switches, isolators and reclosers 
  • Dead tank circuit breakers – SF6 and air insulated 
  • Motor control centres 
  • Transformers 
  • Kiosk substations 
  • Protection and control systems 
  • Low, medium and high voltage cables 
  • Packaged mining and industrial substations 
  • Power factor correction units 
  • High voltage switchboards 
  • Heavy current LV switchboards and circuit breakers 
  • Generator connection services 
  • Rectifier transformers and rectiformers 
  • Harmonic filters and reactors 
  • Variable speed drives
  • Poles and wire inspections
  • Battery chargers and UPS systems.


Onsite Transformer Services

At Ampcontrol, we offer comprehensive high voltage testing, diagnostics and condition assessments. These include:

  • General maintenance activities 

  • Installation and commissioning services 

  • Site based refurbishments including:
    - Winding dry outs
    - Winding set clamp re-tensioning
    - Paper samples
    - Comprehensive internal inspections and engineers’ assessments
    - Re-gasketing and general refurbishment
    - Bushing retro-fits
    - Oil treatment and replacement
    - Design modifications
    - Painting
    - Protection system upgrades and calibration
    - Maintenance and management planning
    - Fault repairs
    - OLTC maintenance and refurbishments.

Transformer Electrical Testing

We provide onsite services for transformer testing, supported by comprehensive workshop facilities and experienced design engineers. These include: 

  • Ratio 

  • Phase error 

  • Power factor 

  • Winding resistance 

  • Insulation resistance 

  • Dirana 

  • Dielectric loss angle (tan Delta) 

  • Polarisation index 

  • Magnetising curve 

  • Burden 

  • Sweep frequency response analysis 

  • Excitation current 

  • Leakage, resistance and impedance 

  • Sensor testing and calibration. 

High Voltage Engineering and Compliance Management Services

High Voltage Compliance Audit

Regular high voltage inspections are critical to ensure equipment and personnel safety in an industrial environment. Many safety issues can be identified and prevented by performing a detailed inspection of high voltage electrical equipment and taking necessary corrective actions. 

We can also audit the electrical system documentation associated with high voltage installations. An Ampcontrol audit includes a written report identifying areas of non-compliance and remedial actions that should be undertaken to comply with relevant standards and testing, including: 

  • AS/NZS 3000 

  • AS 2067 

  • AS 3007 

  • Arc flash studies 

  • Power studies 

  • Protection system reviews 

  • Earth grid design and testing 

  • Soil resistivity testing 

  • Lightning studies. 

High Voltage Safety Management Plan (HV-ISMP)

Our customised High Voltage Installation Safety Management Plans are developed in accordance with relevant state or territory legislation. We can: 

  • Act as a liaison between the network authorities and site stakeholders 

  • Develop a plan with site-specific operating rules, covering all aspects of the high voltage electrical installation 

  • Review and integrate existing electrical system procedures into the HV-ISMP 

  • Keep within customers’ controlled document framework.  


Protection Testing

As designers and manufacturers of protection systems, Ampcontrol understands the highest standards and requirements relevant to your application. We have the calibrated test equipment to ensure high levels of reliability and repeatability. Our services include:

  • Protection relay testing, calibration and repair 

  • Primary and secondary testing of protection systems 

  • Heavy current, low voltage CB injection testing 

  • Earth leakage relay testing 

  • Upgrading of protection systems 

  • Fault studies, protection grading and protection system audits 

  • Long distance differential testing 

  • HV sticks, gloves and working earth testing.

High Voltage Cable Testing & Fault Locating

At Ampcontrol, we can assist with any onsite high voltage cable request, including: 

  • Buried services and fault location 

  • Onsite cable repairs (including confined spaces) 

  • Cable testing 

  • Onsite cable relocation via our customer cable reeler trucks 

  • Repairs, plug fitting and testing capabilities 

  • Onsite inspection package, allowing a personal point of difference to managing your cable fleet. 

Mobile Test Plant

We maintain a comprehensive mobile high voltage testing capability, including 36kV AC, 200kV AC and 720kV AV (resonate) mounted on dedicated heavy vehicles. This capability is extended by several uncommitted HV sources that can be transported to the site as required, ranging from 22kV AC to 100kV AC as well as 52kV AC p-p, 3ph switchboard test set.

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