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Underground Mining Services

We offer a catalogue of services that ensure the longevity and performance of underground electrical equipment and systems.

Timely maintenance and support

In advancing the energy sector, we’ve established a series of high-calibre services to support underground mining. 

We pride ourselves on delivering complete end-to-end solutions for our customers, and our accompanying services reflect this commitment. From installation, commissioning, inspection and testing through to AS/NZS 3800 overhauls, upgrades and repairs, we ensure the longevity and performance of all our customers’ underground electrical equipment and longwall systems.  

Our services can be tailored for longwall operations and relocations, as well as conveyor and fixed equipment, allowing us to meet more advanced electrical needs. Delivered by a team of onsite professionals, each service is supported with specialised engineering resources, a service fleet of vehicles and equipment and strategically positioned workshops to ensure timely maintenance and assistance.  

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Our advanced selection of underground services

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Installation & Commissioning

Our onsite technicians can install, or provide assistance to help your team install, a range of electrical equipment, including:

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Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections can be undertaken using our documentation or your own, and include: 

  • Inspection of enclosure internals for signs of heating, loose connections and components, moisture, insulation deterioration, etc 

  • Inspection of enclosure externals for damage to labelling and signage, windows, seals, operators interfaces, etc 

  • Statutory testing of protection functions 

  • Protection audits and setting updates 

  • Transformer oil sampling and training of onsite staff to undertake oil sampling. 

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System Testing

Through system tests, we can ensure correct operation of critical electronic systems. System tests can include: 

  • Gas detection system testing 

  • iMAC and VoiceCom system testing 

  • SIL system testing (functionality only) 

  • Review of fault logs / capture of data. 

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SIL System Proof Testing and Validation

Safety systems with SIL ratings require periodic proof and validation testing. We can complete this testing in our workshops or in situ underground as required, including: 

  • Time phased proof testing 

  • Fault diagnostics and repairs (including re-validation). 

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AZ/NZS 3800 Overhauls

Ampcontrol has certified AS/NZS 3800 workshops in NSW and QLD, purpose-built for the repair, overhaul and modification of flameproof equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Our team of engineers can provide SIL verification for flameproof enclosures. 

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Engineering Design

Our innovative team of engineering experts develop world-leading electrical and electronic solutions for a variety of applications, with safety and reliability at the forefront of their designs. Their expertise is backed by the latest in precision measurement, testing and analytical equipment and instrumentation. 

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End of Block Upgrades and Repairs

Works required are identified through the inspection process and implemented across the longwall production period. Depending on the works required, upgrade and repairs can be completed onsite in situ or in our workshops in QLD and NSW. 

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Longwall Support and Relocations

We ensure efficient, safe and compliant longwall relocations with customised relocation management packages and onsite support. 

We understand the logistical and resource heavy requirements associated with longwall relocations. Our specialists work alongside your onsite staff to manage the electrical requirements of the relocation, ensuring your electrical components are put back in service in an efficient and compliant manner. 

Our onsite service teams provide time phased longwall electrical maintenance plans and corresponding inspection documentation to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained and compliant to the statutory requirements of AS 2290, providing peace of mind your equipment will run as it is supposed to, when it’s supposed to. 

Our services include: 

  • OEM support for Ampcontrol electronic relays and systems including iMAC, VoiceCom, Gasguard and OCS 

  • A single point of contact for the site, enabling open and direct communication 

  • Pre longwall relocation audits and inspections to assist with formulating scopes of work and planning 

  • Offsite coordination and management of equipment being modified, overhauled or repaired 

  • Document management, including introduction to site, installation checks pre-power and commissioning 

  • Equipment introduction to site and return to service management 

  • Complete or part equipment installation assistance 

  • Internal inspection of enclosures for signs of heating, loose connections and components, moisture, insulation, deterioration, etc 

  • External inspection of enclosures for damage to labelling and signage, windows, seals, operator interfaces, etc 

  • Commissioning and initial start-up support 

  • Statutory testing of equipment 

  • Protection audits and relay testing 

  • Automation support and assistance. 

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Conveyor and Fixed Equipment Support

Our specialist team can provide engineering, onsite and workshop support services to keep your conveyors and fixed equipment working efficiently. 

Our services include: 

  • OEM support for Ampcontrol electronic relays and systems including iMAC, VoiceCom, Gasguard and OCS 

  • Equipment introduction to site and return to service management, as well as power on commissioning as per OEM and system specifications 

  • Periodic maintenance of conveyor and fixed electrical installations for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas 

  • Pre-overhaul audits of explosion protected equipment 

  • AS/NZS 4871 audits of equipment and installations 

  • Fixed equipment installation inspections and maintenance 

  • Fixed equipment installation audits 

  • Statutory testing of equipment 

  • Safety system (SIL) maintenance, including fault diagnostic and repair (including re-validation) and time phased proof testing 

  • Protection audits and relay testing 

  • Advice and consultation in respect to compliance and overhaul scopes of work 

  • We can also support overland conveyors and above ground systems.