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Electrical Engineering

See our wide range of engineering services tailored to complete power systems engineering, from system design and modelling through to earthing test support.

Elite power systems engineering expertise

Our innovative team of engineering experts develop world-leading electrical and electronic solutions for a variety of applications, with safety and reliability at the forefront of their designs. Their expertise is backed by the latest in precision measurement, testing and analytical equipment and instrumentation. 

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Design and testing

Electrical System Design

We’re experienced in the engineering and implementation of electrical reticulation systems for 415V to 132kV. Our engineering services include: 

  • Specifications, tenders, installation supervision, commissioning, documentation, training and project management 

  • Power factor correction and harmonic analysis 

  • Design and analysis of transformers, HV/LV switchgear, monitoring measurement and control systems 

  • Process design and auditing services 

  • Energy efficiency and optimisation of power systems. 

Earthing System Design and Testing

Our electrical engineering consultants offer complete earth grid design and earthing test services, including: 

  • HV/LV detailed earthing grid design 

  • Soil modelling 

  • Earth resistivity measurement with off-frequency injection test equipment 

  • Earth grid annual verification using high and low current injection testing 

  • Step, touch and transfer voltage measurements and modelling 

  • Hazard management 

  • Management plans for earthing grids 

  • RCD testing. 

Modelling and Analysis

Power Modelling and Analysis

At Ampcontrol, we offer power modelling and analysis services for mobile mining equipment and longwall electrical systems. These include: 

  • Power system fault level studies 

  • Load and power flow studies 

  • Power factor correction studies 

  • Energy efficiency studies and implementation of power saving processes 

  • Arc flash analysis studies 

  • Harmonics analysis and mitigation studies 

  • Earthing system modelling and analysis 

  • Lightning protection and system design 

  • Motor starting studies 

  • Electrical modelling. 

Arc-Flash Analysis and Mitigation Studies

We prevent uncontrolled or catastrophic failure of enclosures under arc fault conditions through testing and mitigation strategies, including our unique venting solution. These include: 

  • Site specific modelling, risk assessments and inspections 

  • Analysis and mitigation through advanced power modelling 

  • Location categorisation, arc-flash boundary and appropriate PPE determination 

  • Enclosure design, testing and venting.

Auditing and Investigations


We provide a range of engineer-led auditing services to Australian and international standards, including: 

  • Earthing system audits and verification 

  • Lightning protection audits and management plans 

  • Electrical safety audits 

  • High voltage management plans 

  • Step, touch and transfer voltage measurements 

  • Hazard management 

  • RCD testing 

  • Electrical engineering management plan (EEMP documentation for mining applications) 

  • SIL and HAZOP assessments. 


Our engineering, testing and monitoring team is experienced in failure investigation on all types of high voltage (HV) plants. We can assist customers in identifying the cause of their equipment failure and liaise with OEMs for rectification works or warranties. We offer: 

  • Fault recorder data reviews 

  • Third party report reviews 

  • Scientific and engineering tests 

  • Equipment internal investigations 

  • Provision of supporting documentation 

  • Representation at factory testing 

  • Investigational testing. 


We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

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