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Communication, Monitoring & Control

HVAC & Air Quality Monitoring

Explore our range of reliable hazard detection and air quality devices, ranging from carbon monoxide detectors and carbon dioxide detectors through to air quality monitors.

Quality and temperature gauging

Our customers trust us to deliver comprehensive energy solutions that cover all areas of site operations, including safety and compliance. We’ve developed a series of HVAC and air quality monitoring devices that effectively monitor and control a variety of environments, particularly underground or in hazardous areas.  

Our range includes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide detectors for immediate and reliable hazard detection and alerts, HVAC wall and duct mounts to track site temperatures and multi air quality monitors that use IoT and innovative technologies for more advanced monitoring. 

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Our product and service selection

Take a closer look at the advanced offerings underpinning our energy solutions.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Detectors
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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors
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HVAC Wall Mount
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HVAC Duct Mount
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Multi Air Quality Monitors
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We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

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Our Service Offering

With an innovative spirit, industry-leading skills and a solutions-led approach, our services work toward sustainable, future-focused outcomes.