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Our Solutions


We offer an extensive catalogue of lighting solutions to support industrial needs, including underground mining, vehicle lighting, fixed and mobile machine lighting, tunnel lighting and fixed infrastructure.

Providing quality lighting solutions

We’re constantly advancing at Ampcontrol, enhancing our products and services to provide quality energy resourcing for a number of applications, including lighting.  

We couldn’t effectively challenge the future without first optimising our most essential offerings. Our extensive catalogue of lighting products stretches from fixed and portable options, such as our AlphaLite Compact and Max varieties, through to our intrinsically safe hazardous area models, such as our IS LED Longwall Mine Light.  

We’ve engineered our lighting solutions to meet industrial needs, including underground mining, vehicle lighting, fixed and mobile machine lighting, tunnel lighting and fixed infrastructure, providing highly effective operation, safety and emergency communication for all environments. 

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Our catalogue of complex solutions and services

Explore our advanced offering of customisable products, equipment and technologies.

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Hazardous Area Lighting

Take a look at our selection of reliable lighting solutions that provide optimal illumination as well as operation and safety communication in hazardous area applications.

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Fixed & Portable Industrial Lighting

We offer a range of advanced lighting systems for fixed and portable industrial applications, from portable LED lights to modular varieties.

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We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

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