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Renewables and Net Zero Innovations


Our collection of innovative electric vehicle (EV) packages and hybrid diesel-electric marine vessels allow us to advance the energy sector through e-mobility.

Revolutionising industry towards net zero

We’re constantly challenging the future at Ampcontrol, using our cutting-edge technologies and innovation partnerships to develop world-leading solutions in areas such as e-mobility.   

We’ve designed and developed innovative electric vehicle (EV) packages complete with battery-powered personnel carriers (such as our award winning DRIFTEX) and underground and surface mine DC fast chargers, as well as hybrid diesel-electric marine vessels.  

Innovation is in our DNA, and we’re proud to be a part of initiatives that pave the way in advancing the energy sector, including the Charge on Innovation Challenge, which has empowered us to help our mining customers decarbonise.  

Through our strong partnerships and advanced technologies, we’re using our e-mobility solutions to revolutionise industry and make global net zero a reality.

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Our product and service selection

Take a closer look at the advanced offerings underpinning our energy solutions.

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Our Service Offering

With an innovative spirit, industry-leading skills and a solutions-led approach, our services work toward sustainable, future-focused outcomes.