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Singapore MRT Build

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Supplying optimal illumination to support Singapore Mass Rapid Transport’s (MRT) rail network expansion.


As capacity and requirements grew, Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) needed to expand its rail network. In the tunnelling stage, and as the TBM progressed, the lined tunnel required illumination as materials were being fed into the advancing machine.


We selected the AlphaLite Max 18W to facilitate Singapore MRT’s lighting needs.

AlphaLite Max ME is a maintained emergency luminaire, designed for environments where temperature, moisture and dust are present and contact with moving objects is likely. All external materials are non-metallic and selected for impact strength and durability. In addition to these features, the installation required maintained emergency luminaires to operate in the event of a power failure.


Lighting simulations helped to produce the preferred light spacings, achieving the required levels of illumination and uniformity. One in every three lights also has a self-contained emergency pack and battery to keep the lights operating under fault conditions.

Other benefits delivered by the use of AlphaLite Max was the inclusion of low smoke zero halogen cable and IP67 plugs and sockets.


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