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Lighting Enclosure for Moranbah North Coal Mine

Projects Moranbah-North-Coal-Mine-Lighting-Enclosure 20200227-125127

Manufacturing a 11kV to 110V lighting enclosure to facilitate additional illumination and circuit connections at Moranbah North Coal Mine in Queensland.


Moranbah North Coal Mine is situated in the Bowen Basin at Moranbah in Central Queensland. The mine has coal reserves amounting to 261 million tonnes of coking coal, one of the largest coal reserves in the world. 

In order to maintain area lighting, development substations were being left in mined panels, requiring the purchase of additional substations. 


We designed and manufactured a fit for purpose 11kV to 110V lighting enclosure to facilitate extra lighting along with 110V circuit connections for the site. Moranbah North was looking for a cost-effective lighting option. 

This solution provides the means to maintain the power to the lighting at a much lower cost than that for a typical substation. The installation of the 11kV to 110V lighting enclosure also freed up a development substation so it could be used for the purpose in which it was designed. 


We successfully manufactured a fit for purpose lighting enclosure that would provide facilities for 110V circuits to be installed on site as part of the 11kV installation system at Moranbah North Coal Mine. 


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