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CO Monitoring System for a Sydney Car Park


Installing a CO monitoring system to reduce ventilation fan energy consumption for an underground car park in Sydney, NSW.


We were contracted to install a carbon monoxide monitoring system in an underground multi-storey car park in Sydney.

Utilising monitoring systems in underground and multi-storey car parks can save operators thousands of dollars and reduce their carbon footprint.


Designed in accordance with AS1668.1, the installation of CO monitoring means fans are not required to run 24/7. Instead, they can be automatically switched on and run only when needed.

The CO monitoring system is comprised of 34 Austech CO sensors and a rack mounted controller connected to the fans’ Variable Speed Drives. As part of a recent system upgrade, a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system was supplied. The system provides real-time remote view of the gas values on the monitor in the control room and offers data logging functionality. The system is expandable and easily configurable for future growth.

The CO sensors are affordable, robust devices specifically designed for use in car park systems.


Since installation, this system has reduced energy consumption of the car park ventilation fans by more than 50 per cent. It also offers real-time remote view of gas levels and contains data logging functionality.


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