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Making Net Zero a reality requires collaboration and learning from others in how to best tackle this global issue.

While we are a proudly Australian based and owned business, Ampcontrol has global reach and partners with others in the industry to lead the global energy revolution.

The advancement in technology and existing infrastructure in Europe has made it possible for many European businesses to embrace emerging technologies to get one step closer to Net Zero.

When Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest trade fairs occurred from 17 to 21 April 2023 in Hannover, Germany, five people from Ampcontrol attended to learn from other countries.

The innovative #PeopleOfAmpcontrol with our smarts and capacity has positioned us well to strategically implement similar technologies within Australia.

The most interesting thing to come out of Hannover Messe was seeing how through Europe’s existing infrastructure they have been able to implement solid foundation to use hydrogen as an alternative source of fuel. With the rapid growing hydrogen supply system, a large portion of the technology displayed at the fair related back to using hydrogen for mobile, remote, or temporary solutions.

Scott Baker, Ampcontrol National Product Manager, said following trends he observed there, Ampcontrol may be able to leverage manufacturing growth globally in the near future.

“Having the opportunity to speak to others within the industry were invaluable with some focusing on the locations of future renewable sources moving to places like Africa and the Middle East, and with that manufacturing hubs following because that’s where the clean energy sources are,” says Scott.

Our locations in both the Hunter region, NSW and Gladstone, QLD position Ampcontrol well to be clean energy hubs for the future of Australian manufacturing.

Through the connections built at Hannover Messe, we have gained opportunities to explore new areas of product with alternative suppliers and source difficult to find materials, allowing us to explore new markets and opportunities.

“All good progress comes through collaboration and partnership. By being able to attend trade fairs like Hannover Messe, we were able to maintain the strength of these relationships to help each other achieve our common goals of making Net Zero a reality through further development within the energy industry,” says Scott.

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