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Powering NSW Sites with Renewable Electricity


Ampcontrol has signed a 10-year Agreement that includes a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with progressive energy provider Flow Power to source renewable electricity that will offset the operating emissions for its NSW sites and support the local renewable energy industry.

Under the 10-year deal, Ampcontrol will initially source GreenPower certified electricity, with large scale generation certifications (LGCs) sourced from the Karadoc Solar Farm in north-western Victoria for the first 18 months.

“We want to lead the global energy revolution, and that begins within our business. Through changes made to our operational emissions, Ampcontrol can walk the talk in reducing our environmental impact and making more sustainable business decisions,” says Rod Henderson, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO.

For the remaining eight-and-a-half years, Ampcontrol will take generation from both a NSW wind and solar farm in order to match its consumption profile as closely as possible. Together, the wind and solar projects are expected to deliver 100% of Ampcontrol’s energy requirements per annum, including LGCs, ensuring total renewable coverage.

Ampcontrol initially collaborated with other Hunter-based organisations to form a renewable energy buying group. The Hunter group was formed through Ampcontrol participation in the NSW Government Sustainability Advantage program. It allows companies with similar net zero ambitions to notionally pool their power use and go to market to gain procurement efficiencies and the economies of scale necessary to facilitate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable generators.

“This is a significant milestone on our net zero journey and is a great example of collaborating for impact. By joining other organisations, we are able to invest in the renewable energy industry right here in the Hunter,” says Sam Parris, Ampcontrol Sustainability Manager.

This long-term renewable Power Purchase Agreement allows Ampcontrol to directly support its peers in the renewable energy industry and lead in their commitment to reducing emissions from manufacturing and the decarbonisation of industry, starting with their operations.

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