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Transformer Oil Testing

We provide expert testing services for our customers’ transformer oil, with an offering that includes oil analysis and management through to retrofilling.

Optimising equipment performance

Our specialist personnel conduct transformer oil sampling through our insulating oil laboratory which provides access to a wide range of insulating oil analysis methods to keep you informed on the overall health of your electrical asset. Our lab is NATA accredited and compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 with all work performed to Australian and international standards. We leverage our specialist expertise to analyse the results and deliver insights to empower you to maintain and improve the integrity of your transformer. 

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Our range of

Expert Testing Services

Mobile Oil Services

We offer online and offline oil regeneration and filtration, along with: 

  • Single and multi-column mobile oil regeneration plants. 

  • Portable filtration units. 

  • Vacuum drying and de-gassing machines for larger transformers. 

Oil Handling, Management and Disposal

We can arrange for the removal and transportation of transformer oil and associated materials, along with: 

  • Removal and transportation of oil where PCB contamination is present. 

  • Retrofill transformers with mineral or natural ester fluids. 

Transformer Retrofilling

Replacing mineral oil from an existing transformer with ester dielectric fluid is a cost effective, safe, and environmentally friendly option to upgrade your transformer. We assess your requirements, advise on your retrofilling options, and undertake retrofilling in our certified transformer workshops. Benefits of retrofilling with ester oil include: 

  • Reduced fire risk which improves safety and business continuity, as ester oil has high fire point. 

  • Avoiding environmental contamination through either a minor leak or catastrophic failure, as Ester oil is bio-degradable. 

  • Increased transformer life and delayed replacement due to superior water tolerance. 

  • Reduced operating expenditure and asset reliability particularly in areas prone to wet conditions. 

  • Ampcontrol is a Midel Service Partner. 


We answer some of your frequently asked questions around industry, energy, and our solutions and services.

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