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With new technologies emerging, we’re seeing the need to improve and educate the workforce on safety more than ever. As Australia’s largest privately-owned electrical engineering company, safety is our priority, and we are aware of the critical role it plays in protecting workers and the public.

With nearly 1000 employees, we know we need to take a stand on those issues and by sharing our knowledge, we can educate others and prevent further hazards and injuries from occurring.

We engage directly with industries, sharing industry knowledge, and striving to improve solutions to lead improvement in health and safety within the workforce. Simon Coleman, Ampcontrol General Manager HSEQ, said the motivation for safety in the workplace is that we all want to go home safe and well at the end of each day.

“Safety is a core value not only for the business but for each and every one of us. It’s also important for our customers because they rely on the quality of our work for their safety. We all have a role to play and are all accountable for keeping each other safe,” says Simon.

Improving safety in the workplace is a global responsibility. We believe every worker has the right to work in a safe environment, and to ensure this hits a wider audience, we’re expanding our business ventures and partnerships on a global scale.

Ampcontrol as a global organisation

Ampcontrol has many locations based in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. Along with our Australian locations, we have three international locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mongolia.

As an international business, we are building and developing our technologies to ensure consistency within the organisation. Expanding globally has meant we are able to learn how to better improve our products to suit a diverse market. Using our engineering expertise, we work with our customers to increase efficiency and improve safety.

Through our partnerships and industry relationships, we utilise sharing our knowledge through education sessions around the globe.

Paul Hunt, WorkSafe New Zealand Chief Inspector – Extractive, said Ampcontrol is leading the way to improve health and safety.

“Ampcontrol is an organisation which is not just a simple supplier giving industry what they want, but an organisation that is continuously striving to improve their solutions, all the time accepting they too have a responsibility to lead improvement within the industry,” says Paul.

“The proactive willingness of Ampcontrol to engage directly with industry on difficult or emerging issues, openly share your organisation’s current expertise and give examples of your own development processes to find fit-for-purpose solutions, all indicate that Ampcontrol is an organisation confident in their ability.”

Sharing industry knowledge

Recently some of our industry professionals provided industry education sessions for groups through WorkSafe New Zealand. The sessions covered various topics in the salient aspects of electrical systems which inspired insightful thinking and gave space for discussions to begin around safety amongst the participants. The thought-provoking sessions included attendees across WorkSafe New Zealand along with inspectors of major hazard facilities teams.

Rod Henderson, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO, said our involvement through industry training helps to build relationships in a global capacity.

“Ampcontrol is fortunate to be part of a great industry which allows us to positively contribute not only directly but indirectly via engaging through training and technical sessions and community partnerships,” says Rod.

By investing people in the training sessions, companies demonstrate their commitment to safety. Ultimately, the benefits of proper training and education extend beyond the workplace and spread into the community and News Worksafe-NZ-Presentation-1

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