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Leading the global energy revolution

With the mining industry pushing towards decarbonisation and net zero targets, we develop cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. Supporting industry to electrify with a balance of energy and operational management.

Revolutionising Industry

The mining industry faces unprecedented change, an energy transition to decarbonise and meet 2050 net-zero targets.

Ampcontrol provides the mining industry with confidence, through our expertise and experience in technology development, implementation and maintenance to achieve decarbonisation targets.

We are all about helping you achieve your decarbonisation and electrification goals; with our battery-electric vehicle package, your site can move forward in alignment with net zero milestones, improving social licence and improving site health conditions by removing diesel particulates.

Safe energy use and management are paramount to implementing mine site electrification models. Our expertise and experience reduce risk to mine site assets and personnel.

Our range of reliable and fast charging infrastructure solutions reduces the operational impact of long charge times and enables sites to utilise large-scale battery technology.

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Mine Electrification Solutions

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As industry accelerates towards decarbonisation targets, we have developed a range of reliable and fast charging infrastructure solutions, essential to enabling the electrification of mining.

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High Voltage Cables

We offer comprehensive services for our customers’ unique cable systems, with the experience to support both underground cable and high-voltage cable varieties.

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Electric vehicle packages

We’ve developed the world’s first IECEx-certified Intrinsically Safe traction battery, ensuring the safety of your future operations with our electric vehicles in Group I hazardous areas.

Our purpose 

Ampcontrol is challenging the future by solving the most complex problems in energy. We create energy solutions of scale using innovative collaborations, smart people and advanced Australian manufacturing. Our vision is to lead the global energy revolution and make net zero a reality. 

Every day, our world-first innovations help and support customers in all industries to decarbonise. With a proven track record of award-winning innovations and more than half a century of experience developing custom energy solutions, we’re trusted by customers worldwide to future-proof their business.

Ampcontrol is transforming the world through collaboration to engineer complex electrical solutions. By partnering with universities and the brightest minds in energy, we develop cutting-edge technology for customers. From ideation through to design, manufacturing, service and repair, we provide complete end-to-end electrical solutions for energy, infrastructure and resources industries.


At Ampcontrol, our solutions and purpose are grounded in a strong foundation that underpins who we are and how we operate.

Innovation is in our DNA.
We’re smart people who challenge the status quo.
We solve the world’s most complex problems.
We deliver what we say.
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