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Flameproof Dry Type Transformers

View our reliable flameproof dry type transformers manufactured to suit underground coal mining environments.

Longevity and minimum maintenance

Designed for underground coal mining applications, our flameproof dry type transformers feature non-explosive nitrogen gas to suppress arc explosions and hermetically sealed and positively pressurised tanks to prevent moisture ingress.  

The units also contain a 220°C fully co-ordinated insulation system, ensuring the insulating materials can withstand the heat generated by the core and coils. 

Our flameproof dry type transformers have a long operational life and are manufactured with minimum maintenance requirements.  


  • 3 or 5 limb low height construction 
  • Spiral wound coil construction for gradient control  
  • A range of vector groups available 
  • Optional integrated temperature protection 
  • Impedance range as required.

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