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Relocatable Switchroom for Centennial Coal

Projects Centennial-Coal-Relocatable-Switchroom sx05vez

Delivering a relocatable switchroom to support the operation of a submersible borehole pump at Centennial Coal’s Springvale site.


We were contracted to develop a relocatable switchroom that would power a 700kW submersible borehole pump at Centennial Coal’s Springvale location. 

The site has traditionally experienced major, widespread underground water issues. As a result, our solution needed to be relocatable to provide power for water pumping at various locations.  


We designed, manufactured, assembled and tested a relocatable switchroom that can power a 4kV variable frequency 700kW submersible borehole pump at a depth of 390m, with an output flow rate of 100 litres per second. We also commissioned high voltage switchgear and a Toshiba VVVF Drive System. The completed solution was delivered to Newnes Plateau ready to support operations. 


We celebrated a number of achievements throughout this project: 

  • As an expert in hazardous area design, we developed the switchroom with the borehole in mind, which extended through the mine coal seam. For this reason, the borehole was considered a Group I Hazardous Area. 

  • Explosion protection was a design requirement for the borehole and pumping operations. The protection technique is based on Ex p (pressurised) and involved air purging and continuous monitoring. 

  • Monitoring equipment to achieve Ex p reached a rating of SIL 2 high demand monitoring of the hazardous zone. 

This relocatable switchroom is also the first in a series of switchroom designs for this site. Additional units are due to be designed and delivered to the customer in the coming year. 


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