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Another Ampcontrol World First


Ampcontrol delivers on promise to lead the global energy revolution after receiving certification for DRIFTEX, the world’s first IECEx Group I certified Electric Vehicle (EV), using an Intrinsically Safe traction battery.

Ampcontrol Electric Vehicle, DRIFTEX, is helping to decarbonise and electrify the mining industry. Designed and developed in response to growing industry demand for low emissions technology, DRIFTEX offers significant health and environmental improvements on mine sites by removing carcinogens, minimising noise, and reducing demand on mine site ventilation.

Certified to operate and remain in Group I hazardous areas, DRIFTEX uses an Intrinsically Safe traction battery, the chemistry of which is designed to be fundamentally stable and not susceptible to a thermal runaway. Every cell in the battery pack is continuously monitored, even when not in use by an Ex ia BMS to ensure safety.

“We’re applying our radical thinking and innovative collaborations to challenge the future with solutions that help our mining customers electrify their operations and make net zero a reality. Already in production and on their way to customers, this includes DRIFTEX, which we can proudly say is the world’s first IECEx Group I certified electric vehicle.,” said Rod Henderson, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO.

Ampcontrol is focused on diversifying and growing the business, focusing on renewable energy manufacturing and how it can support resource industry customers in decarbonisation and mine site electrification.

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