Ampcontrol Announced Winner in Global “Charge on Challenge”

Submitting our joint end-to-end mining haul truck battery swap solution with Tritium back in September 2021, Ampcontrol has been selected along with seven other technology innovators to progress beyond the Charge On Innovation Challenge.

The global challenge, launched by BHP, Rio Tinto, and Vale sought to accelerate the commercialisation of effective solutions for charging large electric haul trucks while simultaneously demonstrating there is an emerging market for these solutions in mining.

The eight innovators selected are Ampcontrol and Tritium (Australia), ABB, BluVeinXL, DB Engineering & Consulting with Echion Technologies, Hitachi, Shell Consortium, Siemens Off-board power supply, and 3ME Technology.

Rio Tinto Chief Technical Officer Mark Davies said, “With this group of innovators, we’re taking another step in the right direction towards changing the way haul truck systems operate in the mining sector. Through collaborations like this, where we all come together to create change, we can drive long-term benefits for our industry and the environment

The Challenge received interest from over 350 companies across 19 industries, with over 80 companies submitting expressions of interest (EOI). 21 companies were then invited to present a detailed pitch of their solution. The final eight were chosen from these 21 companies.

A major achievement of inter-company collaboration, our submission was an end-to-end mining haul truck battery swap solution that is fully automated, relocatable, scalable, and cell agnostic. In a drive-in/drive-out recharging station, an autonomous transfer robot swaps batteries in 90 seconds, significantly reducing safety risks and increasing productivity by excluding personnel from the swap process.

On receiving the news of its winning solution, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO Rod Henderson said, “Technological breakthroughs are vital to our decarbonisation journey as we work toward zero emissions. Collaborative partnerships with organisations such as Tritium are critical to our research and development as they bring together innovative thinkers to deliver safer, cleaner, electrically operated solutions to the mining industry.”

Focused on the sustainability of our environment, we worked together with Tritium to pitch for the challenge to help find a joint solution that can change the shape of the mining haul cycle forever.

“We are immensely thrilled to be named as one of the winning solutions in what has been a very comprehensive and competitive worldwide challenge.  The backing by BHP, Rio Tinto, and Vale of our winning solution acknowledges both Ampcontrol and Tritium as pioneers in innovative global energy solutions that can disrupt and revolutionise the mining industry,“ added Rod Henderson.

Congratulations to the other seven innovators that were successful in the challenge, we look forward to further innovating in the mission for mine site electrification and emission reduction.


Ampcontrol Ground-Breaking Research Collaboration to Trailblaze Renewable Energy Manufacturing

Ampcontrol welcomes today’s Federal Government announcement by the Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon Scott Morrison MP, of a $50 million investment in a new business and research partnership between the University of Newcastle and the University of New South Wales to commercialise clean energy technologies through industry investment.

The investment into the Australian Trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (ATRaCE) is the third project to receive funding through the Trailblazer program, designed to focus Australia’s research power on national manufacturing priorities and a shift to a low carbon economy. The project will play a leading role in securing Australia’s economic recovery, with the investment expected to create 1,600 jobs over the next four years.

Ampcontrol is one of 27 industry partners working with the universities to develop world-leading technology in solar, hydrogen, storage and green metals, and rapidly deploy new technology solutions.

“Ampcontrol is thrilled to strengthen its collaboration with UNSW and UON’s research capability and support developing the commercial potential behind energy transition initiatives under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative and National Manufacturing Priorities (NMP). The Trailblazer program presents a marvellous opportunity for Ampcontrol including furthering partnerships with the government, universities and industry peers, matched funding, and access to world-class energy facilities and experts,” says Rod Henderson, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO.

Acting Minister for Education and Youth, Stuart Robert MP said the program will see the best minds in research and industry work together to develop Australian technologies, products, and businesses to create jobs and boost the economy.

“The key areas we’ll be looking to explore include the further adoption of renewable energy solutions within industrial, agricultural and mining applications, as well as supporting the adoption and integration of electric vehicles into their site energy management. Ampcontrol is already innovating in this space with the creation of DRIFTEX, an electric vehicle for underground use to support decarbonisation in mining,” added Rod Henderson.

We will also explore managing increased decentralised variable renewable generation and assisting with flexible electrical demand control and responses from industrial loads.

Ampcontrol’s partnership with both UNSW and the University of Newcastle on this program is a natural progression of Ampcontrol’s support of the transition to a low carbon economy. Ampcontrol has given a financial commitment of $1 million over the course of the program. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with the University of Newcastle in research and development in manufacturing and engineering solutions.

University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor Professor Alex Zelinsky AO said the ATRaCE Trailblazer would drive the cultural shift needed to facilitate the pathway from research to commercial outcomes.

“This program will transform the way technology readiness, commercialisation and industry-led research are prioritised, taught and rewarded in our universities with targeted opportunities for university staff and students to succeed.”

“Working in partnership with major energy and recycling companies, SMEs, end-users and international entities, ATRaCE will transform the way research is commercialised. It will provide clear pathways for academics and industry partners to work together to supercharge their capabilities and deliver new technologies, faster to Australians.”

The shortlist of proposals for the Trailblazer program saw ground-breaking research commercialisation proposals across the six national manufacturing priority areas, including food and beverage, recycling and clean energy, defence, medical products, space and resources and critical technology.

“UNSW and the University of Newcastle have a huge pipeline of innovative technologies that are aligned with growing global markets in electrification and energy systems, ‘power to X’ including hydrogen, next-generation solar PV systems, recycling and MICROfactories,” says Justine Jarvinen, CEO of UNSW’s Energy Institute.

“Our Trailblazer vision is to create a full innovation ecosystem that builds on our successful commercialisation history, accelerates impact and creates national capability.”

The funding brings together the nation’s best recycling and clean energy researchers with businesses to create an entire innovation ecosystem for recycling and clean energy. Stretching from the Hunter to Sydney, it will unlock a full spectrum of existing facilities and infrastructure to support the sector.

Ampcontrol welcomes this funding which will protect Australian manufacturing jobs in the shift to renewable energy manufacturing, with the creation of more than 1,600 and up to 5,200 jobs in recycling and clean energy industries and their supply chains.

Pictured L-R: University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor Professor Alex Zelinsky AO, Ampcontrol CEO and Managing Director Rod Henderson, Acting Minister for Youth and Education Stuart Robert, UNSW Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Attila Brungs

Ampcontrol Showcases the Hunter’s Renewable Energy Manufacturing Strength to Japan’s Investment Leaders

With continued interest growing in Japan for the Hunter’s manufacture of product supporting decarbonisation, yesterday Ampcontrol welcomed a delegate group from Japan to showcase our renewable Energy solutions. The delegate group included Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to Japan, Mike Newman, the Japanese Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Shingo Yamagami, and the Japanese Consul General in Sydney, Kiya Masahiko who all visited our Tomago site.

Welcoming the delegation to Ampcontrol, Managing Director & CEO Rod Henderson said it was fantastic to showcase the capabilities of the Hunter Region to manufacture energy devices to key global decision-makers who are passionate and drive for decarbonisation.

Mr Henderson spoke on the importance of putting the Hunter on the map for renewable technology design and development, “To be able to work in partnership with Investment NSW and Business Hunter to showcase our region’s capabilities, on a global scale is an incredible opportunity for Ampcontrol.”

“On Monday we had the privilege to introduce our range of innovative products designed as renewable energy solutions. Our region is making significant advancements with not only the manufacture of hydrogen and solar product, but the design of these is also taking place right here in the Hunter,” Mr Henderson continued.

“Through partnerships like ours with the University of Newcastle, critical in creating opportunity for R&D businesses such as ResTech, the highly skilled expertise of our region and our cutting-edge technology and energy solutions now have the opportunity to be on the world stage.”

On display was our Battery Electric Vehicle, DriftEx, purpose-designed for supporting the mining industry’s move to electrify, our LAVO hydrogen storage system which has recently been supported by State Government funding to move into a mass production stage, Gilghi, our off-grid water purification system for remote communities, and the award-winning Solar Qube, designed and delivered by Boundary Power a joint venture organisation focused on innovative Stand-Alone Power Systems.

The visit has reconfirmed the opportunity for the Hunter in growing the region’s expertise and capabilities in the renewables sector. Confirmation that internationally the region is being noticed for its strength in the diversification of trade, specifically for technology product that supports decarbonisation, enabling a gateway to new industries and resources.

Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to Japan, Mike Newman commenting that “Significant interest exists in how the Hunter region is making its move to scaled renewables and clean energy like hydrogen as a baseload alternative to coal. Japan is very interested in the journey the Hunter is on to support a transition to a clean energy economy.”

Learn more about our range of renewable energy solutions LAVO, Solar Cube, Gilghi and DriftEx.

Ampcontrol and LeoLabs $240m Aussie Space Radar Project

Ampcontrol has joined forces with LeoLabs Australia, in a Commonwealth grant through the Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Collaboration (MMI-C) to build world-leading space surveillance radars. If successful, the A$240M Aussie Space Radar Project (ASRP) will catapult Australia as a global leader in space surveillance and RF electronics export.

An estimated total investment of A$240M over three years, includes a direct A$160M investment by LeoLabs Inc and partners. The financial support under the MMI-C will provide A$80M investment in three Australian modern manufacturing innovations. This will include two new manufacturing facilities in Jerrabomberra and the Hunter Region, New South Wales, along with three high capacity advanced electronics production lines including one at SRX in Dandenong, Victoria.

The ASRP is notably the largest investment by a foreign company into Australia’s space industry in decades and represents a one-of-a-kind technology transfer, available only to Australia. It will enable LeoLabs’ Australia and partners to manufacture LeoLabs’ entire next-generation global space radar system, making Australia the sole global provider of LeoLabs’ high-tech radar modules to the world. The exquisite, next generation modular radar technology, which has been developed in Silicon Valley, incorporates the latest commercially available 5G systems, and truly transforms the way objects are tracked in space.

This exciting opportunity focuses on bringing together Australian businesses to manufacture the space radar systems, create new Australian manufacturing jobs and improve Australia’s sovereign surveillance capabilities. For Ampcontrol and ResTech, the collaboration provides the opportunity to extend electrical engineering expertise and ingenuity, develop new capabilities in space and defence technology, and construct a new production facility to build and test radar modules.


Watch the video from LeoLabs where key stakeholders speak on the partnership:

Read the full Media Release below

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Ampcontrol Collaborates with LeoLabs

Ampcontrol, Australia’s largest privately-owned electrical engineering company, has joined forces with LeoLabs Australia, a subsidiary of LeoLabs Inc, a US-based global leader in space surveillance, in an Australian Government grant through the Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Collaboration (MMI-C) to build world-leading space surveillance radars.

Partnering with ResTech, Lintek and SRX Global, Ampcontrol and LeoLabs are collaborating on the “Aussie Space Radar Project” to catapult Australia into a space surveillance superpower

This exciting opportunity focuses on bringing together Australian businesses to manufacture the space radar systems, create new Australian manufacturing jobs and improve Australia’s sovereign surveillance capabilities. For Ampcontrol and ResTech, the collaboration provides them the opportunity to extend their electrical engineering expertise and ingenuity, develop new capabilities in space and defence technology, and construct a new production facility to build and test radar modules.

To read the full media release click below:

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Ampcontrol energy solutions awarded multiple 2021 Hunter Manufacturing Awards

Ampcontrol has been awarded ‘Excellence in Product Design’ and ‘Collaboration Partnership’ at the 2021 Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

The Boundary Power Solar Cube, a rapidly deployable Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) received the accolade for Excellence in Product Design. Ampcontrol’s collaboration with Steber International and The University of Newcastle to develop a hybrid diesel-electric boat was recognised in the ‘Collaboration Partnership’ category.

Excellence In Product Design
Rapidly deployable Stand-Alone Power System, Solar Cube

Boundary Power is a joint venture collaboration between Ampcontrol and Horizon Power. It combines both parties’ design, construction, deployment, and operations expertise to deliver a new, innovative series of stand-alone power system solutions to the market.

The Solar Cube solution is a self-sufficient power generation unit that incorporates solar photovoltaic panels, inverters, battery storage technology and a back-up generator, making it possible to replace traditional poles and wires networks with an off-grid, clean power solution.

A result of thoughtful engineering and manufacturing, the Solar Cube 90 minute rapid deployment methodology represents one of its most innovative features, differentiating it from other stand-alone power system solutions currently in the marketplace.

Commenting on the Excellence In Product Design win, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO and Boundary Power Director Rod Henderson said, “We are absolutely thrilled for our Solar Cube to be recognised for its excellence in product design at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

At Ampcontrol, we have been designing and manufacturing innovative products for over 50 years that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives and communities worldwide. Through our partnership with Horizon Power, Boundary Power is designing evolving technologies and solutions that are leading Australia into renewable energy generation.”

Collaboration Partnership
Hybrid Diesel-Electric Boat

In an example of the immense benefits of industry, government and education uniting, a collaborative partnership between Ampcontrol, The University of Newcastle and Steber International developed a hybrid diesel-electric boat in late 2020.

Leaders in Australian boat manufacturing and industrial composite technology, Steber International approached Ampcontrol in 2018 requesting assistance to develop a prototype hybrid police boat. Ampcontrol’s leading technology and engineering expertise were applied to the project to leverage the silence of the electric power system, enabling a whisper-quiet mode for operations requiring some stealth.

Commenting on the second award win at the event, Henderson added, “The hybrid diesel-electric boat project is an excellent showcase of what can be enabled when you bring together the great minds, capabilities and ingenuity of university, industry and government bodies – and all done right here in Australia.

As the world adjusts to the global pandemic, it is fantastic to see a renewed focus on local manufacturing and a carbon reduced future; thank you to the Hunter Manufacturing Awards for continually championing our industry and region. We are honoured to receive these two acknowledgements together with Boundary Power, Horizon Power, Steber International and the University of Newcastle”, concluded Henderson.

For more information on Solar Cube and Boundary Power’s diverse range of stand-alone power system solutions, click here.

For more information on the collaborative partnership underpinning the design of a hybrid diesel-electric powered boat, click here.

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Ampcontrol Charges Through To The Next Phase Of The Global Charge On Innovation Challenge

Ampcontrol, together with Tritium, have been announced as one of the 21 companies across the globe to be shortlisted for the Charge On – Innovation Challenge

BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale have collaborated as founding patrons of the worldwide Charge On – Innovation Challenge, to solve one of the biggest challenges in mining today, to decarbonise mining operations.

Facilitated by Austmine, the open Innovation Challenge launched in May 2021, inviting technology innovators from across the globe to submit concepts that specifically addressed climate change and the reduction of carbon emissions towards a zero-emissions target.

The scope for this Challenge was to uncover novel, tangible solutions to large-scale haul truck electrification systems, to assist the mining sector in lowering the consumption of diesel fuel and significantly lessening emissions from surface mine operations.

The Challenge asked vendors to present interoperable solutions that can safely deliver electricity to large battery-electric off-road haul trucks in a way that maintains or improves current productivity levels. Specifically, innovations were sought that identified mechanisms capable of producing 400kWh of electricity to each truck within a haul cycle (i.e. load, travel, dump, return, queue). The delivered electricity is to charge a battery, and if applicable, directly propel the truck.

Ampcontrol and Tritium are honoured to be shortlisted alongside international vendors such as Hitachi Group, Shell Consortium, Siemens, Mitsui & Co. with Forsee Power and AVL.

Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO Rod Henderson said, “Technological breakthroughs are vital to our decarbonisation journey as we work toward zero emissions. Collaborative partnerships with organisations such as Tritium are critical to our research and development as they bring together innovative thinkers to deliver safer, cleaner, electrically operated solutions to the mining industry.”

“Tritium has a strong history of developing innovative solutions to difficult problems, whether it’s fast charging technology for sub-arctic temperatures and the hottest deserts, or battery management systems for deep sea exploration,” said James Kennedy, Tritium Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “That’s why we built our DC fast charging technology with sealed enclosures and liquid cooling, to better protect our chargers in dusty, hot, corrosive and other industrial and harsh environments. Through this partnership with Ampcontrol, we will be applying our expertise in power electronics and high-power DC charging in harsh environments to develop a reliable technology solution to reduce emission in the sector.”

The next phase of the Charge On Innovation Challenge will  comprise of a pitch session followed by an in-depth look into the innovative solution proposed by Ampcontrol and Tritium to reduce carbon emissions in mining operations around the world. For more information about the challenge, visit the Charge On – Innovation Challenge website.

Download the full media release below: Download Media Release

Australian energy innovation leaders announce strategic partnership

Ampcontrol is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership and collaboration agreement with emerging hydrogen company LAVO and standalone power system company Boundary Power.

The partnership agreement between the three innovative Australian companies is expected to deliver a range of solutions to regional and remote power users, along with data centres and other energy intensive industries. It will also see the parties work together over the next two years to identify the use of LAVO’s hydrogen storage solutions and other zero-carbon products in different demonstration sites.

Potential applications include:

  • Standalone hybrid power supplies
  • Containerised solutions for small and utility scale wind and solar projects
  • Packaged power and battery solutions for data centres, industrial and mining applications.

Alan Yu, LAVO’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “LAVO’s hydrogen storage technology is ideally suited for integration with remote standalone power systems and for other containerised and mobile power solutions. We’re thrilled to be working with Ampcontrol and Boundary Power to explore the options for wider use of our products.”

Ampcontrol CEO and Boundary Power Director Rod Henderson said: “Ampcontrol has a long history in the development of innovative products and Boundary Power possesses industry leading experience in utility-grade stand-alone power solutions. Our partnership with LAVO is the continuation of our commitment to finding the best solutions to the energy challenges facing remote areas and energy intensive industries.”

For more information on Ampcontrol’s Stand-Alone Power System capabilities, click here.

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Boundary Power Launches New Website

Boundary Power, a joint venture between Ampcontrol and Horizon Power has launched its new website, showcasing its expertise in Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS).

Boundary Power is at the forefront of SAPS development; combining the businesses’ collective design, technology, construction, deployment, and operations expertise to deliver a new, innovative series of SAPS solutions to the market.
Its suite of products range from the Nano SAPS, which is perfect for smaller power loads, through to its R-Series SAPS which has already been deployed on more than 25 Horizon Power customer properties outside of Esperance, enabling the permanent removal of 64 kilometres of poles and wires.

Boundary Power’s Solar Cube is the latest in its range of innovative SAPS designs and is responding to a growing demand for an off-grid utility grade power solution. Its advanced modularity design makes it easier to assemble, transport and deploy – with the system ready to export energy in just 90 minutes from deployment.

Boundary Power is receiving positive feedback from utilities across Australia and anticipates the growth in demand for its SAPS solutions will generate long term economic and job benefits for the State.

Visit Boundary Power’s website to find out more about its SAPS solutions.

If you are interested in exploring more about Boundary Power and its product and services, please contact Boundary Power’s Eastern and Central Business Development Manager, Adam Champion.

Electric Vehicle Unveiled Off The Back Of Federal Govt $1.5B Modern Manufacturing Strategy

Ampcontrol welcomes the Federal Government’s 10-year road map and funding support commitment, aimed at creating more jobs and economic opportunities for Australian manufacturing businesses.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews, made the announcement in the NSW Hunter Region on Thursday 4 March, which included the opening of grant applications in the critical mineral and resources sector under the governments $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

Visiting Ampcontrol during the visit to the Hunter, Minister Andrews said the new Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing roadmap sets out a ten-year vision to help manufacturers scale-up production, commercialise products and tap into global supply chains.

Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO Rod Henderson said the Government’s ongoing commitment and support of local manufacturing is vital in rebuilding and growing our economy.

“We have such highly advanced manufacturing capabilities, smarts and skills in our country, so it is good to see Government backing local manufacturing to develop the innovative solutions and technologies we know they can. Nurturing a value-add manufacturing sector build’s on Australia’s competitive advantage, and helps secure greater investment and market share.”

During Ministers Andrew’s visit, Ampcontrol unveiled its electric-powered vehicle for underground mining applications. Born from a need for more environmentally conscious solutions and safer, healthier working environments, Ampcontrol’s development of an electric vehicle is representative of the innovative manufacturing capability and new technology that could benefit from the government grants.

“Opportunities outlined include turning critical minerals into high-value products like batteries and solar cells, as well as technologies and equipment that makes mining more efficient and safe,” Minister Andrews added.

Designed to replace traditional diesel-powered vehicles, the electric-powered alternative enables mining operations to eliminate negative environmental impacts associated with the operation of diesel-powered equipment whilst simultaneously capturing additional operational efficiencies.

Ampcontrol are in the advanced stages of this innovative product’s development. See an early prototype in action below against a diesel-powered Driftrunner.