Engineering Note – Replacing a Handset on a VoiceCom Phone

The VoiceCom Phone has been specifically designed to allow in-field replacement of damaged handsets. This advantage of this design is that, unlike the IS2000 Telephone, VoiceCom Phones with damaged handsets will not be required to be returned to Ampcontrol for repair. This engineering note provides instruction for removing the damaged handset and replacing it with a new


User Manual – VoiceCom System

The Ampcontrol designed VoiceCom system is a multi-station audio communication system suitable for long wall and conveyor message applications. The system’s three principal functions include generating pre-start alarms, playing pre-recorded voice messages and one to many station communications.


Engineering Note – VoiceCom Phone Party-Lined

This engineering note provide a troubleshooting guide for users of Ampcontrol’s phone range that are experiencing issues with party-lined phones appearing off-hook when they have been confirmed to be on-hook.


Technical Data Sheet – VoiceCom Phone

The Ampcontrol VoiceCom Telephone has been designed for use in the coal mining industry. The telephone is Ex ia certified for use in Group I hazardous areas, and provides a reliable solution to suit harsh underground environments.


Engineering Note – Replacing an IS2000 Phone with a VoiceCom Phone

This document will cover the actions that are required to safely install a VoiceCom Phone as a replacement for an IS2000 Telephone in an existing I.S. telephone system. The factors that need to be considered when making this replacement are: the item number of the VoiceCom Phone that corresponds to the existing IS2000 Telephone installation, an I.S. parameter comparison and the Party Line connection requirements.

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