User Manual – PF1 Relay

The Ampcontrol PF1 is a multi-functional Relay designed for hard rock mining applications. It has the ability to perform two standard protection functions which are compliant to AS/NZS2081:2011 for Earth Leakage and Earth Continuity. In addition to these protection functions, the PF1 also provides selectable control functionality for Pump or Fan motor installations.


Technical Data Sheet – PF1 Relay

The PF1 is intended for use in the hard rock mining industry on electrical outlets supplying Pump or Fan motors. The PF1’s Pump and Fan operating modes can both be disabled,
allowing the PF1 to also operate as a combined Earth Leakage and Earth Continuity relay on non-pump and non-fan outlets.


PF1 Relay

The PF1 provides selectable control functionality for fan and pump installations while also providing earth leakage and earth continuity protection.


Application Note – PF1 Earth Leakage Toroid Update

The current EL500 Earth Leakage toroid used by the PF1 is experiencing hardware obsolesce issues, requiring a new toroid design to be utilised. The electrical characteristics have changed due to the differences in physical construction of the toroids, the electrical characteristics have been altered requiring a firmware upgrade.


Software – PF1 Smart Tools (32 bit)

PF1 major software release 32 bit v 6.0.0. Released April 2021.

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