Product Update – IPM Relay

The IPM relay has been upgraded to broaden its applications, this time the current range of the relay has been expanded and now covers the range from 0.5125Amps to 640Amps. This range change has been included after the “Snore” function (for automatic pump operation, where the IPM software controls the starting and stopping of the pump) was added.


Technical Data Sheet – IPM Relay

The Ampcontrol IPM Integrated Protection Relay (Version IPM V2.0) is an intelligent protection relay based on microprocessor technology. It provides the necessary functions required for protecting electrical outlets supplying underground mining machinery, powered by reeling or trailing cables, in hard rock mining applications.


User Manual – IPM Relay

The Ampcontrol IPM Relay is designed specifically for hard rock mining applications. The relay provides the necessary functions to protect electrical outlets supplying underground mining machinery, powered by reeling or trailing cables. The relay can also be used to provide optimum overload protection of motors used on conveyors, pumps, fans and compressors.


Whitepaper – IPM Relay Compliance With AS/NZS2081

In order to utilise non-AS/NZS2081 compliant protection devices on an earth fault limited system, the user must ensure the key objectives of the resulting protection system are equivalent or
better than that achieved using an AS/NZS2081 compliant device.


User Manual – ELM V2 Relay

The Ampcontrol ELM V2 Earth Leakage Relay is electronic in design and is based on microprocessor technology. The earth fault current is measured using a toroid, with the trip time and trip threshold being able to be independently adjusted using selectors on the relay fascia. When a fault occurs and the trip level and time delay is exceeded the relay‟s trip function is activated. A trip will de-energise the trip contacts connected in the system control circuit. The trip condition is latched in non-volatile memory and requires operation of the reset input to clear the trip condition. An internal reset is also provided on the fascia of the relay.

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