Technical Data Sheet – Gasguard CH4 Sensor

The Gasguard Flammable Gas Sensor / Transmitter (CH4, Methane), operates on the catalytic combustible gas detection principle. Combustible gases, once in contact with the heated catalytic sensor cause a small shift in sensor resistance proportional to the concentration of combustible gas. The sensor provides a linear current output proportional to gas concentration.


Gasguard Real Time Gas Monitoring System

From complete mine wide monitoring and control via fibre or copper to machine gas monitoring systems, Gasguard suits a wide range of applications.

The Gasguard system comprises the Gasguard 2 Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia I Ma) display module which allows for the display and transmission of detector data and system information. Housed within an IP66 rated stainless steel enclosure the display module is available in three variants: a glanded display supporting both digital and analogue, or pluggable versions supporting either digital or analogue.

The system also uses Gasguard Live – a real time monitoring system that reports real time data to a PC user interface, accessible via the cloud, or within a closed network.


Technical Data Sheet – Gasguard CH4 Sensor (ATEX)

Ampcontrol’s Gasguard Flammable Gas Sensor/Transmitter (ATEX) is supplied complete with an amplifier and a Liquid Crystal Display. The Gas sensor is housed in a cast stainless steel enclosure, has been approved to be intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in a Zone 0 hazardous area. A remote head version with up to ten metres of cable is also available for use on mobile machinery such as roof bolters and continuous miners.


User Manual – Gasguard CO2 IR Sensor

The Gasguard Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Transmitters operate on the Infrared Absorption principal and provide a linear 4-20mA DC current output. Ampcontrol’s Gasguard Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Transmitters are supplied complete with an amplifier and a Liquid Crystal Display.


Technical Datasheet – Gasguard Live

Gasguard Live (GGL) is Ampcontrol’s real-time gas monitoring application. The application provides the user with clear visualisation of the system status including detector data, communication status, trip status/location, and calibration records. Compliance can easily be managed with the help of automatic record keeping of calibration results, trip logs and configuration changes.

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