Remote Transformer Health Check Enables Fast Repair at Sugar Mill

Our transformer maintenance services team were contacted by an Asset Manager at a large Queensland sugarcane refinery after they reviewed their most recent transformer insulating oil analysis report. Results indicated occurrence of a serious T3 Thermal Fault – high temperature heating (> 700°C). Typically, these faults include large circulating currents in the tank and core, loose connections in the HV winding circuit, and misalignment of contacts in de-energised tap changers.

The request was to further review the test data provided by the Asset Manager, to offer an independent engineering opinion and to help pinpoint the cause of the problem. Recommendations for further investigation and management of the asset were also sought.

Resulting recommendations included regular DGA testing to monitor the fault and electrical testing to investigate the cause of the DGA gassing problem. Further recommendations also included an internal inspection / videoscope to identify burnt / misaligned contacts in the DETC (off load tap changer). Acetylene generation in the transformer pointed to either the severity of the fault or the involvement of electrical contacts.

On receipt of Ampcontrol’s recommendations, the Asset Manager conducted an internal investigation on the transformer. The source of the fault was identified as a contact in the DETC.

Read the full case study here.

Now offering remote transformer condition auditing and diagnostic support, our team can review third party oil analysis reports and provide technical expertise to diagnose issues while providing repair plans to ensure continuity of services when access to site can be challenging. Contact us for more information on how to access these services at your site.

2020 Transformer Maintenance Webinar Series

As a leading provider of transformer lifecycle support services, we’ve launched the Ampcontrol Transformer Maintenance Series and our next webinar is scheduled on 16 June. Managing a large fleet of ageing transformers is a technical challenge faced by many Asset Managers onsite. Reliability surveys show that the On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) can account for up to 30% of all transformer failures. To manage the overall reliability of a transformer, a condition monitoring program should also include condition assessment of the OLTC

Delivered by our Oil Services Manager Philip Reilly and titled ‘Oil Analysis: Testing OLTC & Managing Corrosive Sulphur in Transformers‘ this webinar will address failure modes and available condition monitoring techniques and will also outline the role of oil analysis.

Backed by his extensive technical experience in transformer oil testing, oil analysis’ condition assessment and oil filtration, Philip will provide insights into the mechanism of copper sulphide formation in transformers, failure modes, details of service experiences, and what assessment and mitigation techniques are available.

We’re committed to connecting industry contacts across Australia with practical insights into the best way to manage their critical HV assets – register to attend this free event today.

If you missed the first two webinars in our series covering the Ageing, Assessment and Management of HV Oil Filled Transformers and Power Transformers: Oil Diagnostics, Failures and Life Extension, you can view them at any time on our YouTube Channel.