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Complete Underground Power Systems (OLD)

Underground Mining Services

A catalogue of services that ensure the longevity and performance of underground electrical equipment and systems.

Timely maintenance and support

In advancing the energy sector, we’ve established a series of high-calibre services to support a variety of industries and environments, including underground mining. 

We pride ourselves on delivering complete end-to-end solutions for our customers, and our accompanying services reflect this commitment. From installation, commissioning, inspection and testing through to AS/NZS 3800 overhauls, upgrades and repairs, we ensure the longevity and performance of all our customers’ underground electrical equipment and systems.  

Our services can be tailored for longwall operations and relocations, as well as conveyor and fixed equipment, allowing us to meet more advanced electrical needs.  

Delivered by a team of onsite professionals, each service is supported with specialised engineering resources, a service fleet of vehicles and equipment and strategically positioned workshops to ensure timely maintenance and assistance.  

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Our product and service selection

Take a closer look at the advanced offerings underpinning our energy solutions.

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Longwall Support and Relocations

Comprehensive service offering that supports longwall operations and relocations, including testing, maintenance, inspections and overhauls.

Conveyor and Fixed Equipment Support

Engineering, onsite and workshop support services that keep conveyors and fixed equipment working efficiently.

Installation and Commissioning

Professional installation and commissioning service suited for a range of electrical equipment and systems.

Our Service Offering

With an innovative spirit, industry-leading skills and a solutions-led approach, our services work toward sustainable, future-focused outcomes.