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Critical & Battery Energy Power Solutions

Discover how we use our critical power and battery energy power solutions to provide critical infrastructure for applications such as network exchanges, data centres and rail networks.

Holistic power support

Through engineering expertise and collaboration, we’ve created a series of critical power and battery energy power solutions for a variety of applications, including telecommunication network exchanges, data centres, and rail networks.  

Supported by our holistic battery service offering, we’ve developed reliable energy supply solutions that ensure uninterrupted power for essential operations, including industrial battery chargers for critical power tools, industrial grade UPS for protecting critical infrastructure from mains power failure, and stand alone DC power sources for remote area signalling and communications. We also assist our customers in complex telecommunications network exchanges, developing comprehensive systems that prevent power disruption while safeguarding DC power plants.  

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Our product and service selection

Take a closer look at the advanced offerings underpinning our energy solutions.

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Battery Services

Holistic battery service offering covering supply, mid-life testing, servicing and end-of-life battery replacement.

Industrial Battery Chargers

Battery charging solution that ensures critical power tools remain charged and available for operation throughout the day.

Industrial Grade UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that protects critical infrastructure from a mains power failure.

Remote Area Signalling and Communications Power Supplies

Advanced solution, Solar Qube DC, that provides an uninterruptible power supply for DC power loads within remote locations.

Telecommunications Power Systems

Essential power support for telecommunications network exchanges, including live DC cut-overs and battery services for safeguarding plants.


Uninterruptible Power Quality (UPQ) systems are designed to protect critical infrastructure from mains power failure, using advanced energy storage for short or long supply disruptions

Our Service Offering

With an innovative spirit, industry-leading skills and a solutions-led approach, our services work toward sustainable, future-focused outcomes.