Solar Flow Monitoring and Control Device

Ampcontrol built a customised and robust Flow Monitoring and Control Station with solar power capabilities suitable for remote location usage.

The station was customised for the harsh conditions and included battery backups providing continuous power and therefore continuous monitoring and control capabilities via the remote telemetry module operating in the 450 or 900MHz frequency spectrum.

The station is housed in a stainless steel enclosure which protects the monitoring and control equipment from the elements including heat, direct sunlight, dust and rain, including tropical deluge in storms, it’s also cyclone rated essential for the environment the station is installed in.

The station monitors and controls localised equipment through radio telemetry for both analogue and digital systems, reporting to the central monitoring station which analyses conditions and provides remote control capabilities.


  • Solar powered for continuous power supply in remote areas
  • Monitoring capability of up to 70km line of sight (dependant on radio modem selected) with repeater station capability to extend range further
  • Fitted with anti vibration mounts, removing issues relating to vibration from ground movement or equipment