Service Bulletin: Integrated Protection and Earth Leakage Relays

A service bulletin has been issued to inform users of updates to the installation and overhaul requirements of Ampcontrol Integrated Protection and Earth Leakage Relays.

IS Components AS3800 Overhauls Requirements

Information has been added to the IP Relay user manuals maintenance section regarding AS3800 Overhauls. This has been included due to equipment being returned to AS3800 RSF’s and the IS components not being overhauled and then returned to service, only for the user to experience nuisance tripping, reliability issues and or failure shortly thereafter. The additional information can be found in the attached.

Non OEM Certified Component Use

Ampcontrol has been advised that some enterprises have manufactured and overhauled equipment using non OEM certified and supplied components. The use of unspecified componentry not only voids product warranty and certification compliance, but poses increased operational performance risks to equipment and more importantly an increased safety risk to personnel. Recommendations can be found in the attached.