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Offering the latest training for professional development across a range of specialist areas, these courses are broadly targeted at electrical, industrial or utility technicians and engineers, maintenance managers, engineering management, electrical contractors and service companies.

Courses on Offer:

Transformer Maintenance Essentials (formerly known as Half Century Transformer course)

The focuses on maintenance of the insulating system in fluid-filled transformers. It provides a foundation for intelligent transformer management from the basic design and construction to life expectancy and extension.

Electrical Testing

This class covers an in-depth look at power factor testing of transformers, bushings and circuit breakers.

Load Tap Changer

This course focuses on the theory of load tap changing and identifies the various types and styles of changers, their components and operation. The content includes monitoring, inspections and testing required for developing an intelligent preventive maintenance program. 

Condition Monitoring Program

This course focuses on condition monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers. The content includes guidelines to be considered when setting up a condition monitoring program for power transformers and includes references to associated standards required in this process.