SDMyers Training Courses

Ampcontrol is pleased to be partnering with SDMyers to offer the latest training for professional development across a range of specialist areas. These industry leading courses are broadly targeted at electrical, industrial or utility technicians and engineers, maintenance managers, engineering management, electrical contractors and service companies.

2022 Dates

Transformer Management Training

17 – 20 October 2022 | Newcastle, NSW

Noah’s on the Beach, Newcastle

Secure your place at our 4-day training course for only $4900 + GST.

Transformer Management 1 – Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 October 2022

Transformer Management 1 (TM1) is intended to lay a strong foundation for those who are in any way responsible for transformer maintenance. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of transformers, oil and electrical tests, maintenance principles, and the importance of a reliable electrical power system.

A choice of two courses on Thursday 20 October morning session

a. Dissolved Gas Analysis Workshop – This course takes a deep dive into the importance of Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), what industry standards state, how to use test interpretation tools, and how to apply the test results to increase the reliable life of the transformer. The content includes dissolved gas analysis, how it is performed, why, and case studies.

b. Load Tap Changer Maintenance & Inspection – This course explains the theory of Load Tap Changing (LTC) and identifies the various types and styles of tap changers, their components, and sequences of operation. This course also covers monitoring, inspections, and testing required for developing an intelligent preventive maintenance program for load tap changers (LTC).

A choice of two courses on Thursday 20 October afternoon session

c. Condition Monitoring Program – This course focuses on condition monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers. The content includes how condition monitoring relates to transformer life extension, transformer management, techniques to measure the condition of transformers, and how to create an effective condition monitoring strategy.

d. Electrical Testing Workshop – This course will give the participant a better understanding of power factor testing in the field, providing an in-depth look at power factor testing of transformers, bushings, and circuit breakers.

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