Rail projects

Rail transport systems rely on electrical solutions that maintain safe operations while minimising downtime. Ampcontrol are experienced in working with our customers to design, manufacture and deploy solutions that meet these challenges.

We’ve worked with Yarra Trams to provide electrical systems that have been implemented across Victoria’s tram network including:

    • Prefabricated substations to allow full FAT testing, reduce installation costs and avoid costly civil works
    • Incoming 22kV, 11kV or 6.6kV supply and revenue metering
    • Dry type transformer 2000kVA or 1500kVA, three phase six pulse 3000A air cooled rectifier and harmonic filtering
    • DC Feeders with high speed CBs, motorised load break transfer switch, line test and automatic re-close protection system and rate of rise protection relay

Similarly, in Western Australia we’ve provided Western Australia Railways with:

    • 7 x 25kV Single Phase Track Section Cabins and 2 x 25kV Single Phase Feeder Station
    • Each complete with supporting steelwork, busbars, isolators, outdoor bushings and ancillary equipment, all contained in integral switchgear housings
    • Ancillary equipment: current and voltage transformers, protection relays, control equipment, wiring and labelling.