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Underground Commissioning in Turkey


Supporting the development of a AW2000/E7/B 1100/500V circuit breaker in partnership with a customer in Turkey.


Our customer in Turkey specialises in the mining, processing, distribution and importation of hard coal. We were commissioned to work in partnership with them to develop a circuit breaker that would ensure a high level of electrical protection during operation.


We facilitated the development of a AW2000/E7/B 1100/500V circuit breaker for a hard rock coal mine in Turkey.

On arrival, the electrical workshops onsite did not have a 1100V supply to power the circuit breaker. This required adjustments in the field to convert the power supply to 550V.

Once the circuit breaker was energised, earth leakage and short circuit testing was completed to confirm successful commissioning.


Some of the successful outcomes of this project included:

  • Voltage conversion to facilitate supply at the surface of the mine, including a 1100/500V link plate
  • Full commissioning of the product onsite, including methane and remote stop trips
  • Modification of AWT31 settings to suit incoming voltage
  • Onsite training around the use of the upgraded circuit breaker, including instructions on how to change the voltage, settings, safe operation and isolation methods
  • Handover of the project drawings, including wiring and schematics.

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