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Collaboration of Industry and Education


ResTech, a collaboration between Ampcontrol and the University of Newcastle, welcomed the Honourable Ed Husic MP, Minister for Industry and Science on Thursday 21 September 2023 to officially open the facility at the Callaghan Campus.

ResTech is a joint partnership with Ampcontrol at the industrial-focused Callaghan Campus, to accelerate the development and commercialisation of new cutting-edge technology and solutions for the energy, infrastructure, and resources industries. An accredited Research Service Provider, ResTech also provides opportunities for engineering students to work with industry on real-world challenges to become life-ready graduates who are community-minded, resilient, and ready for work.

“ResTech brings together two entities—Ampcontrol and the University of Newcastle—who are united in their goal to deliver energy solutions which will help make global net zero a reality. The engineering smarts and advanced manufacturing capability of Ampcontrol through ResTech will contribute great value to finding innovative solutions to decarbonise,” said Rod Henderson, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO.

Industrial Student Placements: Solving Real-World Problems

A key component of ResTech is the opportunity to provide Final Year Project opportunities to undergraduate engineers—allowing them to gain experience while working on challenging research projects with industry.

Minister Husic had the opportunity to meet with students at ResTech to see the real-world solutions being developed to help make net zero a reality.

Tiana Leck

Research & Development Engineer, ResTech

Bachelor of Medical and Mechatronics Engineering (Final Year)

Inverter Design & Control of Wind Turbines – developing a home wind energy system

Her showcased project builds critical technology for home Wind Energy Collection, moving closer to allowing people to install their own portable and affordable renewable energy systems.


Finlay Barnett

Industrial Experience Placement, ResTech

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Third Year)

Arcing Earth Fault Apparatus – improving safety in hazardous environments

This apparatus simulates an arcing earth fault, and calculates the energy dissipated by the arc. This can be used to determine how easily these arcs could ignite methane in an underground coal mine.


Finn Lawrie

Industrial Experience Placement & Final Year Project Student

Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering (Final Year)

Lithium Titanate Battery Cells (LTO Cells) – managing battery cells in underground battery electrical vehicles to improve safety in hazardous environments

This project involves researching lithium titanate battery cells to solve the problem of managing all the battery cells in an electric vehicle. As mining operations switch to electric vehicles it is important that they have reliable battery management systems.

ResTech is a brilliant example of how industry and education work together to forge career pathways which support the global energy transition.

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