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COBOT Project


Ampcontrol’s Collaborative Robot (COBOT) project is being undertaken by undergraduate mechanical and mechatronics engineer Jasper Harvey in Ampcontrol’s technology location in Cameron Park, NSW

Graduating at the end of the year, Jasper joined Ampcontrol through an undergraduate engineer position and has had the opportunity to learn from experienced engineers while applying his knowledge from university practically. The project aims to develop Ampcontrol’s ability to harness advanced manufacturing capabilities. By highlighting tasks in the workshop that can be automated with the COBOT, Ampcontrol can improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce the exposure of hazardous tasks to employees. 

Collaborative robots are a type of industrial robot that are intended for use in environments where people will be working close by. The collaborative nature of these robots mean that they are safe to operate around people, and do not require significant guarding or exclusion zones. These robots have force sensing capabilities, so if contact does occur with a person, the robot will stop operation and enter a paused state without causing injury. A key area that has been highlighted for use with the COBOT is automated testing of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA’s). 

The testing sequences often have large amounts of wait time associated with them, so by making use of a COBOT to test PCBA’s, workshop staff are able to shift their focus to other aspects of a project that cannot be automated. The only project of it's type ongoing at Ampcontrol, Jasper has had the unique opportunity to work on an innovative solution before finishing his degree, when asked why he chose a career in STEM, he said, “STEM has always been an area of interest for me. I have always love to design and build things, so engineering seemed an obvious choice for me.” To work on projects such as COBOT and other innovative electrical and mechanical project, sign up for the Ampcontrol Talent Community, where you will be the first to know about new opportunities all over Australia.

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