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Catch Up On Our Entire ‘Asset Management’ Webinar Series


As Australia’s leading industrial electrical specialists, we provide continuity of technical support and a commitment to making sure your equipment delivers required outcomes, doesn’t breakdown, and is statutory compliant; which is why we launched the Ampcontrol Group Asset Management webinar series. These free, technical presentations designed for industry are now available on our YouTube channel. The webinar series include presentations from experts across the Ampcontrol group including Philip Reilly, Peter Stepien, Hossein Rahimpour, Kaine Rathbone and Paul Karpathy:

Transformer Oil Analysis: Identification & Management of Abnormal Conditions’ - Philip Reilly, Ampcontrol Oil Services Consultant 

The webinar talks about the use of transformer oil analysis, and how it is widely used for detecting abnormal conditions in insulating fluid-filled, high voltage electrical equipment in service.

Modelling Fault Scenarios to Minimise Asset Downtime’ - Dr Peter Stepien, ResTech Principal Engineer

In mining, various methods are available to identify potential faults in assets used for production. This presentation describes the modelling process with the use of practical examples.

Visibility and Understanding of the Condition of Critical Spares’ - Hossein Rahimpour, Verico Senior Electrical Engineer  

This webinar talks about why having visibility and an understanding of the condition of critical spares is an important element of good HV asset management practice.

Online Condition Monitoring of Coal Handling Plant (CHP) Machinery’ - Kaine Rathbone, Verico Mechanical Testing Manager 

This webinar describes the challenges of condition monitoring of Coal Handling Plants and the Online Condition Monitoring solution Verico has developed to address these issues.

Making the Most of Your HV Asset Maintenance Program’ - Paul Karpathy, Ampcontrol HV Field Service Technical Officer 

This webinar covers some of the common issues encountered with HV assets in the field and how to best manage equipment and infrastructure via scheduled maintenance programs.

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