MRT Line Hong Kong

Challenged with the need to produce a substation to fit into a restricted space and withstand arduous weather conditions, Ampcontrol developed a customised substation for a busy main road in Hong Kong.

The customer required the end product to be compact, safe and weather proof for its installation at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong on the MTR West Island Line. The Line runs beneath the densely populated areas of the Western District of Hong Kong. The project required power for heavy plant and machinery for the next stage of development. Our contribution to this project was the provision of temporary power by way of switchgear and substation equipment, which needed to meet regulatory authority requirements and the ability to be positioned discreetly on one of Hong Kong’s busiest roadways.

Custom built surface and underground substations were engineered to address the space constraints ensuing from the high density urban environment in Hong Kong. Ampcontrol supplied 11kv 630A VCB switchgear and metering equipment installed into a 10ft container allowing ease of unloading and installation on site reducing turnaround time and costs. The 11kv / 400v 1250kva substation was purpose built and included power factor correction equipment 1000kva and 500kva packaged substations were also provided for installation underground.

We reengineered our standard containerised substation design and then manufactured the equipment complying with local regulatory requirements. The containerised substations are strong and provide reliable power that is environmentally safe and supplied in robust enclosures.

The production of the containerised substation was completed at our Hong Kong operations, reducing turnaround time and costs. The robust enclosure also allowed for ease of installation and reduced site installation time which was critical for this project.