Managing Refrigerant Leak Detection

Ampcontrol Member Company Austech installed a refrigerant leak detection system in a large commercial complex consisting of a number of buildings including a 44 storey tower with cooling plants.

Austech designed and installed a refrigerant gas detection system which assisted the building complex to meet their OH&S requirements for the use of hazardous refrigerant gases within the buildings cooling plant. These gases, if leaked, have environmental and human safety implications.

The gas detection system uses infrared gas detectors which are designed to accurately detect the target gases they are specifically tuned to, eliminating false readings which were observed in an alternative supplier’s cheaper semiconductor type sensors.

Austech also designed a SCADA system which integrated an existing carpark carbon monoxide monitoring system with the refrigerant leak detection system to create a single, comprehensive monitoring station.

The system alerts facility management of any potential leakage, helping to minimise loss, increasing safety and providing environmental assurances. In addition it maintains an historical log of gas levels on a day by day and monthly basis.

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