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As Australia’s leading industrial electrical specialists, we provide continuity of technical support and a commitment to making sure your equipment delivers required outcomes, doesn’t breakdown, and is statutory compliant; which is why we’ve launched the Ampcontrol Group Asset Management webinar series. Running throughout May and June, we are offering a range of free, technical presentations designed for industry.

Transformer Oil Analysis: Identification & Management of Abnormal Condition – Philip Reilly | Ampcontrol

Kicking off on May 12, Philip Reilly, Ampcontrol Oil Services Consultant, will deliver his webinar titled ‘Transformer Oil Analysis: Identification & Management of Abnormal Conditions’. Transformer oil analysis is widely used for detecting abnormal conditions in insulating fluid-filled, high voltage electrical equipment in service. This presentation will outline information and recent Australian case studies concerning:

  • Application of DGA to mineral and non-mineral oil filled transformers.
  • Importance of correct sampling methodology
  • Testing and interpretation of results to evaluate the condition of the liquid and solid insulation
  • Appropriate actions available to further investigate & manage problems
  • Accessing, analysing and gaining insights from large amounts of condition monitoring data

Modelling Fault Scenarios to Minimise Asset Downtime – Dr Peter Stepien | ResTech

On May 18, ResTech’s Dr Peter Stepien will share insights through his webinar titled ‘Modelling Fault Scenarios to Minimise Asset Downtime’. Various methods are available to identify potential faults in assets used for production. Attempting to interpret symptoms without any prior experience of a fault can be challenging and time consuming. However, fault scenarios can be modelled beforehand to give expected symptoms. These can then be compared to SCADA information to quickly locate the fault and minimise asset downtime. This presentation describes the modelling process with the use of practical examples.

Visibility and Understanding of the Condition of Critical Spares – Hossein Rahimpour | Verico Asset Integrity Services

On May 25, Verico Asset Integrity Services Senior Electrical Engineer, Hossein Rahimpour, will deliver his webinar titled ‘Visibility and Understanding of the Condition of Critical Spares’. Often after the lights have gone out, there is urgent inquiry into where the spares are and what condition they are in. Whether the spare being sought is a transformer, bushing, motor or cable, its condition at that time can either avert or lead to significant costs.This presentation will outline why having visibility and an understanding of the condition of critical spares is an important element of good HV asset management practice.

Online Condition Monitoring of Coal Handling Plant (CHP) Machinery – Kaine Rathbone | Verico Asset Integrity Services

On June 2, Verico Asset Integrity Services Mechanical Testing Manager, Kaine Rathbone, will deliver his webinar titled ‘Online Condition Monitoring of Coal Handling Plant (CHP) Machinery’ Coal Handling Plants (CHP) are typically difficult to condition monitor for a variety of reasons, including the physical distance (geographic sparseness) between equipment, the inconsistent run times and variable speed/load during operation, as well as the slow speed machinery and the need for high resolution data to identify problems with the equipment.

Verico has developed a solution to these problems through the implementation of an Online Condition Monitoring system specifically tailored to CHPs. The system is able to capture the high resolution data required on low speed equipment, then undertake customised analysis and diagnostics by utilising the proprietary monitoring software. The reporting system provides the customer with a condition snapshot, outcomes-of-analysis, engineering commentary and remediation recommendations for action tracking. This presentation will describe the challenges of condition monitoring of CHPs and the solution Verico has developed to address these issues.

Making the Most of Your HV Asset Maintenance Program – Paul Karpathy | Ampcontrol

Finally, on June 8, we’ll be welcoming Ampcontrol HV Field Serivce Technical Officer, Paul Karpathy, who will deliver his webinar titled ‘Making the Most of Your HV Asset Maintenance Program’. Managing a large fleet of assets across an operation can often be challenging. This presentation will cover some of the common issues encountered with HV assets in the field and how to best manage equipment and infrastructure via scheduled maintenance programs. The presentation will also outline details of recent service experiences and how to get the most out of your scheduled maintenance on site.

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