Improving Safety in Conveyor Tunnels with Gas Detection

Ampcontrol member company Austech provided a turnkey Carbon Monoxide monitoring system for use in conveyor tunnels at a power station.

Combining the gas detection capabilities of Austech with Ampcontrol’s monitoring and control technology, the system includes a control cabinet with graphical display and addressable sensors with control evacuation warning lights and sirens.

The system includes 20 Austech CO sensors installed across two tunnels. These sensors are fitted with Ampcontrol iMAC AIM modules making the sensors addressable, which enables easy and quick installation with one single four core cable.

The control cabinet consists of an Ampcontrol iMAC Controller, Ampcontrol RO4 relay module and a touch screen LCD which displays Carbon Monoxide levels for each sensor, sensor status, the last 12 hours of readings and a record of alarms.

The combination of Ampcontrol and Austech’s technology enables the system to be expandable and re-configurable.

The installation of the gas detection system and evacuation alarms has improved safety in the conveyor tunnels for service technicians.