Are you ready for the Generation 2 Migration?

iMAC will be migrating to Generation 2 Modules on 1 July 2018 

The iMAC System as a whole has seen a very long history of usage (20+ years).

Due to the system’s widespread use, the existing system will soon run out of available 5-digit iMAC Module Serial Numbers.

The reason for this is that the capacity of the system is dictated by the iMAC Fieldbus Protocol.

To address this, Ampcontrol has engineered a complete new series of iMAC modules known as “Generation 2” modules. Existing modules will now be referred to as “Generation 1” modules.

Our objectives for expanding the module serial number range and securing the future of the iMAC system were defined around the following:

  • Impact customer operations as little as practically possible.
  • Allow customers to continue using existing systems
  • Allow compatibility with both iMAC and iMAC2 Controllers.
  • Allow existing (Generation 1) modules to co-exist on a system with Generation 2 modules.
  • Allow easy identification of Generation 2 modules.