How Innovation in Engineering is Reshaping the Hunter

Engineers Australia have released a new book, Reshaping the Hunter, to celebrate the achievements in engineering innovation from right here in the Hunter Region.

Subtitled How Engineering Innovation Reinvented a Region the book covers the past 40 years of engineering in the Hunter. It was written by award-winning local author Evan McHugh as he examines engineering’s pivotal role in responding to significant economic and environmental challenges.

Starting with indigenous engineering the development of the Port of Newcastle and the legacy of BHP, Reshaping the Hunter explores how extensive local engineering networks have underpinned the foundations of the region’s prosperity. This includes a look at the city’s globally competitive companies that have flourished throughout the years. Finally, the book explores future possibilities for a region with a proven record of adaptability as it faces its next great challenge: Australia’s energy transition.

Featuring interviews with leading engineers and CEOs—including Ampcontrol co-founder Peter Cockbain and other Ampcontrol team members—what emerges is a community of professionals that is remarkably resilient, agile, and determined when it comes to solving the seemingly unsolvable.

The list of Ampcontrol achievements outlined in the book ranges from our humble beginnings in a Newcastle, NSW shed back in 1968, to our ability to innovate and diversify our business offerings, to how we designed and delivered a functional emergency ventilator at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have over 250 engineers across our business, with more than 25 dedicated R&D engineers who are continuing to innovate on new and emerging technologies.

Attending the book launch of Reshaping the Hunter on Wednesday 30 March 2022 at Newcastle Museum was Ampcontrol Group Engineering Manager Ian Webster, Research Engineer Thomas Steigler, as well as Peter Cockbain, General Manager – Technology Paul Reynolds, and General Manager – Restech Pierre Gouhier.

Reshaping the Hunter can be purchased, click here for options.